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How to Choose Colored Contact Lenses That Match Your Facial Style?

In eye makeup, colored contact lenses are the finishing touch. Besides their enlarging effect, which enhances the proportion of the eyes, colored contact lenses can also make the eyes appear bright and lively, change the eye color, enrich eye details, and increase recognition and exotic appeal. However, most people who have worn colored contact lenses have encountered the problem of mismatched makeup and colored contact lenses, lacking a harmonious feeling that matches their facial style. To select suitable colored contact lenses, not only should you choose reputable brands and appropriate materials with sufficient water content, but you should also consider factors such as the base curve of your own cornea. The final effect of colored contact lenses is closely related to the eye color, lens diameter, and design pattern, as well as the facial style and individual characteristics. In this article, we will teach you how to match colored contact lenses with your facial features.

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Choosing the Right Eye Color is Crucial

Sometimes, have you ever experienced buying a pair of colored contact lenses online that you thought would be suitable for you, but when you put them on, they looked strange? Why is that? It's because your eye color is different from the color of the lenses you tried. The depth of eye color is determined by the amount of pigment in the iris, and there are three basic colors: brown, blue, and green. The more pigment the iris contains, the closer it is to blackish-brown, while less pigmented eyes tend to be amber, green, gray, or blue. Blue eyes are relatively common among people, green eyes are also relatively common, while brown eyes are more prevalent. The general rule for selecting eye colors is as follows: if you have light-colored eyes, choose darker colored contact lenses, and vice versa. Below are several common beauty lens colors for your reference to see which color suits you or which one you like.

  • Brown-tone colored contact lenses:

Brown-tone colored contact lenses give a sense of classical, mystique, and solemnity. They are suitable for traditional Chinese faces as well as those who want to present a low-key, commanding, and stable image. This color appears bright and lively, giving a sense of determination and decisiveness.

  • Blue-tone colored contact lenses:

Blue-tone colored contact lenses give a bright and clear feeling, enhancing the brightness and clarity of the eyes. They can create a deep and attractive look, making the eyes more appealing. Blue-tone colored contact lenses create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere, adding a special charm to the overall makeup. If you like blue-tone colored contact lenses, the Unicornbeauty website also offers this color, such as the "Crush on you" style.

  • Gray-tone colored contact lenses:

Gray-tone colored contact lenses give a natural and unique gaze without appearing overly exaggerated. They add a touch of mystery to the eyes. Gray-tone colored contact lenses can naturally blend with various eye colors and are suitable for people with different skin tones and hair colors. They exhibit a combination of personality and gentleness. For those who want to change their eye color but don't want it to be too obvious, gray-tone colored contact lenses are an ideal choice. They can add depth and dimension to the eyes, providing a unique charm.

  • Green-tone colored contact lenses:

Green-tone colored contact lenses give a mysterious and captivating feeling. Green eyes visually differ from the common brown or blue eyes, often arousing curiosity and attention from others. Wearing green-tone colored contact lenses allows you to showcase your unique personal style and sense of fashion. Whether it's light green or deep green, they can add a touch of distinct charm to your appearance. Green-tone colored contact lenses can enhance the effect of eye makeup, making the eyes more bright and enchanting. They can be combined with eyeshadow and eyeliner to make the eyes more attractive and captivating.

Different Colored Contact Lenses Bring Different Styles

  • Natural-style lenses:

Natural-style colored contact lenses usually adopt shades similar to your natural eye color, focusing on soft transitions to blend the lens color better with your original eye color. This helps avoid obvious boundaries and makes the lenses look more natural. Natural-style colored contact lenses aim to achieve a realistic effect, simulating the texture and light changes of real eyes. This makes the lenses appear more realistic, adding depth and dimension to the eyes.

For example, “UnicornsBeauty Sun iris Grey Colored Contact Lenses” is the best choice. They enhance the eye contours, making the eyes look brighter and more vibrant. This effect enhances the overall facial beauty and makes the eyes more captivating. “Sun iris Grey Colored Contact Lenses” are typically made of high-quality materials, providing good oxygen permeability and moisture content. This ensures comfortable wear for extended periods without discomfort. They are suitable for daily and formal occasions, with a slight enlarging effect that increases the brightness of the eyes, serving as an alternative to regular contact lenses.

  • Glamorous-style:

 Glamorous-style colored contact lenses feature vibrant and bright colors, such as bright blue or green. This color design makes the lenses highly noticeable when worn on the eyes, immediately capturing the attention of others. Glamorous-style colored contact lenses often have strong contrast effects, using darker shades on the outer ring or edge of the eyes, while the center part adopts brighter tones. 

This style can enhance the brightness and three-dimensional effect of the eyes, making them more captivating. Glamorous-style colored contact lenses often have dazzling effects such as pearl, glitter, or shimmering particles. This design adds a sparkling effect to the eyes, making them look glamorous and charming.

It typically has a certain enlarging effect, making the eyes appear larger and more attractive. This effect creates a doll-like or charming big-eye effect, giving a striking impression. They are used for photoshoots and parties, with noticeable enlarging effect, distinct patterns, and enhanced eye proportions and colorful eye makeup.

  • Mysterious-style:

 Mysterious-style colored contact lenses usually feature dark tones, such as deep brown, deep purple, or deep blue. These colors create a mysterious and intense atmosphere for the eyes. Mysterious-style colored contact lenses often have strong contrast effects, using darker colors on the outer ring or edges of the eyes, while the center part is lighter.

This contrast enhances the brightness of the eyes, creating a deep and mysterious visual effect. To add a sense of mystery, some mysterious-style colored contact lenses may incorporate special patterns or designs, such as stars, spirals, or psychedelic patterns. These unique patterns add a distinctive and mysterious charm to the eyes. Mysterious-style colored contact lenses typically have a certain enlarging effect, making the eyes look bigger and more attractive. This effect increases the sense of mystery and allure in the eyes.

Although mysterious-style colored contact lenses often have rich colors and special designs, they still emphasize natural transitions, ensuring that the eyes do not appear overly artificial or abrupt. This allows them to blend better into the overall appearance, creating a balanced and harmonious effect.

  • Charming-style:

Charming-style colored contact lenses usually have a natural and soft effect, making the eyes look brighter and lively, giving a warm and friendly feeling. Charming-style colored contact lenses emphasize highlighting the features of the eyes, making them brighter, more lively, and attractive. So why not try “UnicornsBeauty BossGirl hazel Colored Contact Lenses”, which can give you such an effect.

“BossGirl hazel Colored Contact Lenses” have special effects such as sparkle, pearl, gradient colors, or 3D effects. These special effects add depth and dimension to the eyes, making them more charming and attention-grabbing. They make the colored contact lenses look distinct, showcasing personality and style.

They give you a mysterious and captivating feeling. Hazel color is a neutral color, not too bright or too dark, giving the eyes a unique and attractive charm. Hazel lenses appear softer and gentler on the eyes, unlike other colors that may appear too striking. It is closer to the natural color of the eyes. Regardless of your original eye color, hazel colored contact lenses can blend well and harmonize with your eyes and skin tone.

Colored Contact Lenses and Makeup Pairing

In addition to choosing the right colored contact lenses, it is also crucial to consider the pairing of makeup with the lenses in order to achieve the desired effect. We can start with the lip color and eye makeup.

(1)Colored contact lensesand lip color pairing

The pairing of colored contact lenses and lip color is an important aspect of creating an overall makeup look. Here are some suggestions for pairing colored contact lenses with lip colors:

  • Natural lip color with natural colored contact lenses:If you want to showcase a natural makeup look, you can choose colored contact lenses that are similar to your natural lip color. For example, natural lip colors can be paired with brown, deep brown, or gray-toned colored contact lenses to create a natural and soft makeup effect.
  • Dark lip color with bright colored contact lenses:If you want to emphasize the focal point of your lips, you can choose bright colored contact lenses that contrast with dark lip colors. For instance, red or wine-colored lip shades can be paired with bright blue or purple colored contact lenses to enhance the visual impact of the overall makeup look.
  • Pink lip color with gentle colored contact lenses: Pink lip colors often give a gentle and lovely feeling. When paired with pink lip colors, you can choose gentle gray, brown, or light purple-toned colored contact lensesto create a soft and romantic makeup effect.
  • Bold lip color with neutral colored contact lenses: If you enjoy trying bold lip colors such as orange, purple, or black, you can pair them with neutral-toned colored contact lenses. Neutral-toned colored contact lensesin gray, brown, or deep brown can balance the overall makeup look and make the lip color the focal point.Here
  • Creative pairing:If you prefer bold and creative makeup looks, you can experiment with different combinations of colored contact lenses and lip colors. For example, orange lip color can be paired with green colored contact lenses, or purple lip color can be paired with golden colored contact lenses, to create a unique and distinctive makeup effect.

(2)Colored contact lensesand eye makeup pairing

Just like the importance of proper lip color pairing, eye makeup also needs to be paired with the right colored contact lenses to make you stand out in a crowd. Here are some valuable suggestions for pairing colored contact lenses with eye makeup:

  • Natural makeup with subtle and elegant colored contact lenses:If you want to showcase a natural makeup look, you can choose subtle and elegant eye makeup paired with natural-toned colored contact lenses. For example, light brown or gray colored contact lenses can be paired with light eye shadow and delicate eyeliner to create a natural and fresh eye makeup look.
  • Smoky makeup with bright colored contact lenses:Smoky makeup is a dramatic and charming eye makeup effect. If you want to highlight the smoky makeup effect, you can choose bright-colored colored contact lenses such as bright blue or purple. This will complement the smoky eye shadow, making the overall eye makeup look more captivating and attractive.
  • Vibrant makeup with natural colored contact lenses: If you want to emphasize the brightness of your eyes, such as using bright eye shadow colors or vibrant eyeliner, you can choose natural-toned colored contact lenses. This will make the eye makeup the focal point, while the colored contact lensesserve to enhance and contour the eyes. Here “Unicornsbeauty Allure Love Ice Blue Colored Contact Lenses” is recommended.

The combination of bold and creative vibrant makeup with these ice blue colored contact lenses opens up a world of possibilities for self-expression and individuality. Bold and creative vibrant makeup allows you to make a statement and showcase your unique style. By choosing a pair of ice blue colored contact lenses, you add an extra element of vibrancy to your eyes. The striking blue hue creates a captivating contrast against your natural eye color, making your eyes pop and drawing attention to your beautifully enhanced eye makeup. The unique effect of ice blue colored contact lenses extends beyond color. These lenses have the ability to enhance the contours of your eyes, making them appear more defined and alluring.  

  • Natural makeup with natural colored contact lenses:If you prefer a natural and minimalistic makeup look, you can choose natural colored contact lenses that complement the natural makeup style. This will make the eyes appear brighter and more lively while maintaining a fresh and natural overall makeup look.

Whether it's choosing lip colors or eye makeup to pair with colored contact lenses, it is essential to consider overall coordination and balance. Based on your preferences and the requirements of the occasion, try different combinations to find the most suitable pairing of colored contact lenses, lip colors, and eye makeup.

The selection of colored contact lenses should not be blindly based on the product itself. Different eye colors, skin tones, and facial features result in a unique effect for each individual. By understanding the key points of selection, we can choose the perfect colored contact lenses that harmonize well with your skin color, eye color, hair color, and eyebrow color. Based on the guidance provided above, you are able to choose the colored contact lenses that match your facial style.

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