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Waldosia Series: Spot Ultimate Beauty of Eyes

Have you ever scanned faces in a crowd looking for a person who has a pair of charming eyes? Waldosia Series beckons you to be the charm one. Each shade in this captivating collection is designed to captivate and enchant. In this series, Unicornsbeauty offers four mesmerizing colors: Cinnamon, Bluebell, Petrichor, and Sage. With these enchanting contact lenses, you will turn into the person with the most beautiful eyes in the crowd.

Alluring World of Waldosia Cinnamon

Indulge in the alluring world of Waldosia Cinnamon, where cinnamon and wine aroma intertwine. Waldosia Cinnamon contact lenses will make you exude your mature charm. 

Enhanced Natural Eye Color:

For those who have light-colored pupils, original pupil color will perfectly blend with the color of Waldosia Cinnamon contact lenses, enhancing your natural eye color; for those who have dark colored pupils, Waldosia Cinnamon contact lenses will change the color of your eyes naturally. 

Brightening Effect:

Wanna be the one with the shiniest eyes? Waldosia Cinnamon contact lenses allow you to experience an awe-inspiring transformation. Waldosia Cinnamon contact lenses are composed of a deciduous yellow color and an outer dark ring. The combination of two colors makes your eyes brighter.

Photogenic Power:

Embrace the graceful and elegant spirit radiated by Waldosia Cinnamon contacts, ensuring a vivid and lively look that steals the spotlight. Radiate confidence during photoshoots, as Waldosia Cinnamon lenses amplify your photogenic qualities and present you in the most captivating light.

Exquisite Charm of Waldosia Bluebell

As an enduring classic color, there is no need for further comment on the glamour of blue. In Waldosia Series, the blue color is slightly different from other series. Compared to regular blue, Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses have an extra grey tone. This unique blue is close to the color of bluebell, suitable for cosplaying.

Fantasy Creatures:

Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses are great for cosplaying mythical creatures, such as mermaids, elves, and fairies. By wearing Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses, the essence and spirit of the creatures will be perfectly shown and presented. 

Fairy Tale Characters:

Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses suit characters from fairy tales, such as Cinderella and Ariel. Besides, witches, wizards, and magical beings often have mesmerizing blue eyes, making Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses ideal for creating an otherworldly aura. With Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses, your cosplay looks will be more enchanting and impressive.

Animated Characters:

There is no doubt that Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses are also suitable for cosplaying characters from famous animated films. For example, Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses are the best choice for cosplaying Elsa from “Frozen”. with Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses, you can also become Kuroko from “Kuroko’s Basketball” who always has a poker face, creating a cool atmosphere for the character.

Video Game Characters:

Many video game protagonists, like Link from “The Legend of Zelda,” have blue eyes that Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses can help replicate. Also, you can turn into pretty Asuka Kurashina From “Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue” with Waldosia Bluebell contact lenses, showcasing the youth and vigor of the character.

Enigmatic Scent of Waldosia Petrichor

When it comes to “petrichor”, what would we imagine? Maybe a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of dry weather comes to mind. This fresh scent gladdens the heart and refreshes the mind. Besides, in Greek mythology, petrichor means “stone”, referring to the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods. In Unicornsbeauty, Waldosia Petrichor contact lenses let you emit a charming taste, and add a sense of sanctity to your eyes, like the petrichor.

The color tone of Waldosia Petrichor contact lenses is grey. As a neutral color, grey color usually conveys a sense of nobility and indifference. The grey color of Waldosia Petrichor contact lenses gives perfect annotations to this sense, which is close to the color of meteorites. With these lenses, you will turn into the most alluring one in the crowd.

Waldosia Petrichor contact lenses offer a very captivating grey transformation and give you unique beauty, suitable for a range of situations, including:

Cosplay and Costumes:

Are you seeking suitable colored contact lenses for cosplaying cool anime or fantasy characters? You are in luck! Embrace your fond characters with Waldosia Petrichor contact lenses, as grey contact lenses are popular and essential accessories for cosplaying events. For example, Waldosia Petrichor contact lenses are the best choice for cosplaying Luka Crosszeria from the classic anime “The Betrayal Knows My Name”.

Dramatic and Artistic Looks:

Unleash your creativity in photography or art projects by wearing Waldosia Petrichor contact lenses to add a touch of uniqueness and sanctity to your images, like bathing in the air after rain. 

Elegant Wisdom of Waldosia Sage

As a warm color in Waldosia Series, Waldosia Sage is favorable for its elegance. The light brown of Waldosia Sage is redolent of something sweet like honey, easy for people to be intoxicated in your eyes. What’s more, Waldosia Sage contact lenses are a great accessory for enhancing your temperament, suitable for different occasions, including:

For Everyday Makeup:

Compared to the other three contact lenses, Waldosia Sage contact lenses excel in the ability to enhance your gaze naturally, so these contacts are right for everyday makeup. For office workers, Waldosia Sage adds an air of wit to your gaze, empowering you to leave a strong impression on others and establishing a mature and reliable image at any formal event or professional setting. In addition, Waldosia Sage is also your best option for daily activities and gatherings with your friends. It will make your daily makeup more exquisite and natural because of its seamless blend with your eyes.

For Parties:

Waldosia Sage is a fantastic accessory for different parties or festivals. By wearing a pretty Waldosia Sage, your gaze will be enhanced. These contact lenses are not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear. You can dance, laugh, and enjoy the festive atmosphere heartily without feeling any discomfort with this kind of contact lens which will stay securely in place while improving your vision and overall image.