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Flechazo brown

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Flechazo pale green

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Flechazo Beige

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Flechazo quartz

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Flechazo sapphire

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Flenchazo Collection: Everyone Caught by Your Eyes at First Sight

The Flenchazo Collection is designed to enhance your natural beauty by endowing you with an aura of beloved and allure. This series of contact lenses will showcase the temptation in your eyes, capturing all the attention wherever you go. Just like the name of this series, once you wear these contact lenses, they will certainly apply stunning glamour to your look, denouncing that people around will fall in love with you at first sight. Are you hoping to add something like innocence or purity? Flenchazo Collection can be your best choice!

Unicornsbeauty offers well-designed contact lenses in five colors, including brown, ice grey, pale green, quartz, and sapphire, and each of them has its specialty. With all these exquisite contact lenses, it is no exaggeration that you will be the deity of all. Do not hesitate and embrace the magic of Flenchazo Collection!

The Feature of Flenchazo Collection

When we talk about Flenchazo, what would we imagine? Maybe the sweetness of an acknowledged love, the bitterness of a secret love, or the astonishment of an instant love. Everything you want is here! Combined with delicate make-up, the contact lenses of Flenchazo Collection can unleash your distinguished beauty with their mild and pastel colors. As the colors of Flenchazo collection are not so bright and warm, they are perfectly suitable for establishing an image of nobility and alienation. Overwhelmed by your mesmerizing eyes, the crowds will inevitably caught by your elegant gaze.

Different from other contact lens series, Flenchazo Collection goes beyond aesthetics. What this series has been seeking is to show your natural beauty as instant as possible, leaving an extremely deep impression on whoever you meet. To unfold the feeling of Flenchazo, or “fall in love with somebody at first sight”, we are anticipating enhancing the impact brought by these contact lenses, so that they are capable of imitating the shock from the Flenchazo. If you want to be the most attractive goddess, embrace our contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty and say goodbye to the ordinary and flat person who you have been. Add a touch of excitement to your life, and you are in the right place!

Flenchazo Brown Colored Contact Lenses

As the only warm color in Flenchazo Collection, Flenchazo Brown is favorable for its sense of plainness and sweetness. The brown color is redolent of something sweet like chocolate, or something kinda mature like fallen leaves in Autumn. It is never too childish or too mature to wear brown clothes, which is the same as colored contact lenses. Supposing that you want to try a cute style, then Flenchazo brown can be your first choice. Maybe you are looking for a fashion of mature? Flenchoza Brown can also help! Depending on your dress-up and make-up, your temperament changes greatly as well. Like a panacea, isn’t it? Moreover, for those who have dark eyes, brown contact lenses seem to be more suitable to them as brown contact lenses are very close to deep brown or black.

Flenchazo Ice Grey Colored Contact Lenses

Isolation, distance, neutrality, and coolness are always associated with grey color. So does the Flenchazo Ice Grey. Looking into the grey eyes, you may feel ethereal because of its magical charm. However, grey can be alluring, but it can also drift you apart. The nobility it brings will make you like a superior that is unreachable but still stunning, making you stand out in the crowd. In addition, Flenchazo Ice Grey is suitable for different occasions because grey contact lenses exhibit a feeling of elegance, establishing a mature and reliable image. Say no more and find the nobility in you at Unicornsbeauty.

Flenchazo Pale Green Colored Contact Lenses

Pale green is a color of vividness and life. It usually reminds us of the vernal plants, fresh seedlings, and the serene scenery. These green contact lenses are designed to epitomize the mesmerizing beauty of nature, and this pale green will create a striking appearance with its vibrant color. How can green colored contact lenses enchant your eyes? Just try our Flenchazo Pale Green and experience how gorgeous they are in person. There is no doubt that no one can resist the charm of vivid spring, not to mention the vernal scenery in your eyes.

Flenchazo Quartz Colored Contact Lenses

Compared with Flenchazo Ice Grey, Flenchazo Quartz leaves a cooler impression on others. It is said that grey color tends to enhance smokey eye makeup, while the color of quartz, or light grey, shows an unworldly sense. For those who want to discover the elegance and lightness in themselves, quartz color is a popular choice. As we all know, quartz can be used on nearly every occasion, and the trend of quartz never faded because it is suitable for any style. Whether you aim for a cool look or seek a more subtle and elegant vibe, Flenchazo Quartz from Unicornsbeauty is here to fulfill all your preferences.

Flenchazo Sapphire Colored Contact Lenses

Blue is always a classical color with magical and tantalized charm. The blue color evokes our reminiscence of the crystal sky or the tranquil sea, conveying a feeling of pleasant serenity. It may sound incredible, but these contact lenses work like magic! Once people around you gaze at your attractive eyes, they will probably feel the allure as if they have fallen into the mysterious ocean, captured by the undercurrent like the so-called Flenchazo. By the way, these types of contact lenses are not only appropriate for daily life but also for cosplay characters who have beautiful blue eyes. Come and find your love in Unicornsbeauty. We guarantee Flenchazo Sapphire Contact lenses are your type!

With the Flenchazo Collection, you will find a new you who you have never known. Each color of this collection has its specialty, and it will reflect different facets of your personality. Throughout Flenchazo Collection, you can bravely show off your natural beauty. Let your eyes glow with utmost charm!