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Atlantic Grey

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Atlantic Brown

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Atlantic Green

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Atlantic Blue

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Atlantic Collection: Dive into the Natural and Dynamic Ocean

The Atlantic, a vast ocean with blue skies and white clouds, is filled with surging waves, showcasing its magnificent scenery. It is one of the largest oceans in the world, and its broad background has become a destination for countless people. Atlantic Collection from Unicornsbeauty is inspired by Atlantic and offers four fabulous colors, satisfying people’s imagination of Atlantic Ocean and letting people place themselves in it.

Engage in Fresh Atlantic Blue

As an enduring classic color, there is no need for further comment on the glamour of blue. In Atlantic Collection, the color blue is slightly different from other series. The lens is composed of three different colors. The outer ring is dark blue, the inner ring is light yellow, and the middle part is mixed with light blue. The combination of three colors puts people on the Atlantic beach at noon, witnessing that the midday sun hangs in the azure sky and the sunlight sprinkles on the surface of the deep blue sea. With Atlantic Blue contact lenses, you will turn into the most charming elf on the beach, who is feeling the gentle Atlantic breeze and pleasantly warm sunshine to the fullest.

Atlantic Blue is a great match with various styles of dressing and makeup. It may be hard to believe that fresh blue can add magic to your eyes and that a yellow inner ring can enhance your gaze as you wear these blue contact lenses. Show off your vigor like the waves of Atlantic Ocean, and unveil the natural charm of your gaze, especially the confidence brought by those radiant blue eyes.

Unleash Your Beauty with Atlantic Grey

Grey has been a hot trend, which is popular among most people. Moreover, as a neutral color, grey usually conveys a sense of nobility and indifference. However, the grey color from Atlantic Collection gives people a different feeling. It combines of grey and yellow, showcasing an air of coldness mixed with warmth.

The grey color of Atlantic Collection puts you in the icebergs of the northwestern Atlantic. Standing in front of the icy gray iceberg, feel the sunlight shining on your face. With Atlantic Grey contact lenses, you are a prideful yet kind-hearted ice queen, standing on the top of an iceberg and looking down kindly at all sentient beings.

Under such color characteristics, Atlantic Grey contact lenses are suitable for various occasions, because these lenses exhibit a feeling of elegance, establishing a mature and reliable image. For instance, in the workplace, a capable yet polite image will be shown thoroughly with Atlantic Grey contact lenses.

Wanna be an elegant queen wherever you go? Why not explore Unicornsbeauty and try our grey contact lenses from Atlantic Collection? You will find a brand-new world of expression in surprise because of our mesmerizing contact lenses. With these grey contact lenses, you are allowed to improve your external image.

Explore the Exquisite Flavor of Atlantic Brown

Brown is also a classic color widely used in colored contact lenses, but in Atlantic Collection, brown colored contact lenses have their specialty.

Unlike other brown colored contact lenses, the color of Atlantic Brown is between gold and brown. It is composed of gorgeous gold and a dark brown ring around the lens. This fantastic design reminds people of a rising sun on the Atlantic Ocean. It puts people on a cruise ship in the Atlantic, the golden morning light spreading over the whole sky and sea. With Atlantic Brown contact lenses, you are allowed to show your vitality and natural beauty like the rising sun.

Not only do Atlantic Brown contact lenses enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, but also it can also add depth and richness to your gaze. Whether you desire a sultry and mysterious look or a gentle and comforting aura, Atlantic Brown contact lenses will help you achieve it effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a warmer and more rustic vibe, Atlantic Brown contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty are a great choice. You have the option to wear your preferred brown contact lenses for a subtle and elegant look or a bold and glamorous style.

Never Miss Atlantic Green

Generally, green color represents nature and vividity, so the color of Atlantic Green contact lenses evokes a sense of tranquility and vivid life.

The design of Atlantic Green contact lenses is remarkable. It consists of blackish green, light green, and chartreuse. It calls to mind sweet fruits such as kiwi. As you cut kiwi and taste it, a sense of fragrance and sweetness envelops you, harmoniously aligning your body and soul with the wonders of nature. With Atlantic Green contact lenses, you will land Atlantic Coast and taste the sweetness brought by fruits. The green range of Atlantic contact lenses produced by Unicornsbeauty has a captivating charm that effortlessly attracts people’s attention.

In all, Atlantic Green contact lenses are designed to capture the mesmerizing beauty of nature, and our products will make your eyes truly stand out. These lenses create a striking and memorable appearance with their vibrant pigments and natural-looking patterns.

Embrace Natural Charm of Atlantic Collection

Step into the wonderful Atlantic area and embrace the artistry and exquisiteness of Atlantic contact lenses.

By wearing Atlantic contact lenses, you will have an opportunity to add enchanting depth to your eyes. From elegant brown tone to enigmatic grey, these lenses allow you to express your individuality and mature poise while immersing yourself in a mysterious ambiance. Also, the fresh blue and green bring you closer to nature, experiencing the marvelous ocean and sweet fruits.

Therefore, enjoy the artistic design of these lenses and let your eyes serve as the blank canvas for an enthralling visual experience. Each lens in Atlantic collection boasts striking and elegant color and design, perfect for exuding an air of confidence and elegance. Whether you want to add a hint of charm to your everyday wear or simply want to experiment with a new method to highlight your beauty, have a try on Atlantic Collection colored contact lenses, as well as get ready to stand out from the crowd in any setting and leave the deepest impression to other people.