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Sparklize Black

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Sparklize Blue

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Sparklize Grey

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Sparklize Series: Apply Charming Hue to Your Eyes

Follow our steps and enter the magical world of Sparklize Series from Unicornsbeauty! You will certainly find the most suitable contact lenses for your eyes with great satisfaction and gratification. With the name ”Sparklize”, this series of contact lenses can bring a brand-new style of makeup to you and enhance your natural beauty largely. Do you want to refresh yourself or make yourself sparkle with sparkling eyes? If you are interested in beautifying yourself, you are in the right place.

To show the special aura of your eyes, we carefully select three colors: blue, black, and grey, which exhibit their specialty and go beyond aesthetics. Each shade of this series effortlessly infused a cool and calming vibe to your gaze. Once you wear them on your eyes, you will surprisingly find that they are capable of adding some sparkles to your gaze and showcasing your charming glamour with an ethereal sense of sophistication and nobility.

Sparkling things have long triggered great attention among people around the world as they are so shiny and can show an aura of riches and honor. What this series has been seeking is to show your natural beauty as instant as possible, leaving a deep impression on whoever you meet. Do not hesitate and bravely become the limelight of the crowds with Sparklize Series!

Fall in Love with Sparklize Series at Unicornsbeauty

Unicornsbeauty has been long devoting itself to helping all customers explore their favorite and most suitable contact lenses. To provide good services to buyers, we pay great attention to developing the quality, pattern, and durability of products. Fortunately, we pride ourselves on constantly providing high-quality contact lenses to protect your eyes without diminishing your glamour, and gradually win a lot of trusts. Wave goodbye to your old-fashioned and unnatural contact lenses and embrace these new styles of Sparklize Series!

  • Protect Your Eyes with High-quality Materials

Never forget to keep your eyes safe and use contact lenses properly. Some people may dare not wear colored contact lenses because they don’t want to hurt their eyes or can’t bear the strange feeling of contact lenses. However, all your concerns can be unbraced since Unicornsbeauty has not only satisfying designs but also high-quality and durable products of various series. With a great oxygen transmission rate and 38 percent water content, these high-quality materials can perfectly keep your eyes from drying fully and guarantee long-lasting moisture. Just feel free to enjoy the delight of wearing beautiful contact lenses and revealing your natural beauty wherever you go!

  • Advanced Techniques are Available

As for the techniques, our advanced techniques help to keep your eyes safe. With the sandwich painting tech, it is easy to prevent direct contact between pigment and cornea. What’s more, we pay great attention to solutions for eye protection against UV rays, using materials and techs that block 95 percent of UV rays that are harmful to our eyes. Therefore, just feel free to showcase your mesmerizing beauty with your erect head and straight back. You can trust Unicornsbeauty, for all our contacts are FDA-approved and carry a CE mark, conforming to international qualitative medical standards.

  • Careful Designs to Enhance Your Glamour

One of the features of this series is its pure color. Different from many contact lenses of other series, Sparklize Series adopts the pattern of pure color without any other color to blend with. It is said that mixing different colors can enhance the glamour and add some interest to your gaze. However, it is also widely acknowledged that pure color with no additional decorations can present a sense of purity and improve the aura it exudes. When it comes to pure color, it is always associated with something classic, brief, and senior, which effortlessly brings out your inner beauty and carries your charm to a new and higher level. With these mesmerizing contact lenses, you can feel an undeniable surge of confidence bursting out, and your inner glamour is ready to exhibit. Wait no more and explore the world of Sparklize Series at Unicornsbeauty.

  • A Good Accessory for All Styles of Your Makeup and Dressing

With these contact lenses of Sparklize Series, you are granted the power to celebrate your essence and show your extreme beauty everywhere. Whether you plan to have a party, attend a meeting, or have a city walk outside, Sparklize Series can perfectly fit your different dressings and makeup. For the one who wants to have a pure and ethereal look for a party, Sparklize Blue can be a good choice to create an unworldly atmosphere with light makeup and elegant dresses. For those who hope to emerge their aura of nobility and confidence, Sparklize Black and Sparklize Grey are suitable. These two colors will surely take you to a new level with their careful design and bring you a subtle yet mesmerizing effect that leaves a perpetual impression on whoever goes by.

Embrace the Magic of Sparklize Series

Blue, one of the most popular colors, is always loved by tremendous people. As it can fully unfold the beauty of your eyes, these contact lenses named Sparklize Blue can be transparent but still conceal the original color of your eyes perfectly. You will fall in love with this color which makes your eyes look like aquamarines. As for black and grey, these two colors have won great appreciation for their sense of nobility and neutrality, being welcomed by numerous fashion fashion fanatics. Do you want to reveal your confidence wherever you go? Or do you want to be like the nobility attracting people’s attention? These mesmerizing grey and black contact lenses from Sparklize Series can meet your needs!

With delicate designs and crafts, the contact lenses of Sparklize Series can amplify your beauty from all aspects without making you uncomfortable. There is no need for you to worry about the quality any longer because our contact lenses can meet all your needs and fulfill your dreams! Find your favorite at Unicornsbeauty!