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Miami Hazel

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Miami Green

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Miami Blue

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Miami Collection: Enjoy a Leisurely Holiday

Miami, a well-known city in America, is famous for its pleasant climate and beautiful beaches and attracts countless tourists to travel here every year. Inspired by this beautiful city, this collection delineates a scenic picture and a leisurely and carefree feeling of Miami. If you are seeking enchanting beach style, Unicornsbeauty can meet all your expectations.

Aiming at revealing your natural attraction, Miami Collection shows its specialty and excellent design. In Miami Collection, three colors are ready for you to choose from: blue, green, and hazel. With these three fabulous colors from Miami Collection, you will be brought to the warm Miami and taken to a new level of beauty. 

Why choose Miami Collection at Unicornsbeauty

Thoughtful Craftsmanship for Your Eyes:

Immerse yourself in Miami Collection contact lenses. These lenses seamlessly blend with your natural eye color, unveiling a harmonious and irresistibly natural transformation. Crafted from soft, flexible materials like hydrogels or silicone hydrogels, they prioritize your comfort and eye health with their exceptional oxygen permeability.

Excellent Design to Enhance Your Beauty:

The design of Miami Collection contact lenses is one of its highlights. As for the patterns of Miami Collection, we designed a unique shape with radiative lines, which is closest to the original pupils of people. The color of lenses changes from deep to light from the inside out, blending seamlessly with your eyes.

Perfectly Suitable for Different Styles: 

Are you looking for a kind of colored contact lens that can be worn on different occasions? You are in luck! Miami Collection caters to your needs. Whether you plan to attend a party or attend a formal event and professional setting, Miami contact lenses will perfectly suit your different dress and makeup. For those who want a pure and unworldly look, Miami Brown contact lenses can be a good choice to create an ethereal atmosphere with light makeup and elegant dresses. For those who want an exaggerated styling, Miami Blue and Green are the most suitable colors.

Comfort and Quality Assurance:

Miami Collection goes beyond aesthetics, ensuring your comfort and offering superior quality. With a dedicated focus on a comfortable wearing experience, these high-quality lenses guarantee optimal oxygen flow, preventing dryness and irritation. Each lens undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, featuring extensive inspections and testing to meet stringent safety standards and performance requirements. We take pride in the fact that all our products comply with FDA regulations, offering you the highest level of safety and quality assurance.

Engage in Fresh Miami Blue

Blue has always been the most classic color of colored contact lenses. The charm of blue is beyond doubt. But in Miami Collection, the color blue is slightly different from other series. The lens is composed of two different colors, including sea blue and a little bit of light yellow. The combination of sea blue and light yellow puts people in Miami Beach, feeling the refreshing and humid sea breeze with a faint fishy smell. With Miami Blue contact lenses, you will turn into the most charming elf and the center of the beach, attracting everyone’s attention.

Miami Blue is a great match with various styles of dressing and makeup. It can perfectly enhance your gaze through its unique design and pretty sea blue. Show off your vigor like waves of the ocean, and unveil the natural charm of your gaze, especially the confidence brought by those radiant blue eyes.

Feel Vividity of Miami Green

Generally, green color represents nature and vividity, so the color of Miami Green contact lenses evokes a sense of tranquility and vivid life. 

The design of Atlantic Green contact lenses is remarkable. It consists of blackish green and light green. It will remind people of green trees, especially palm trees in Miami. With Miami Green contact lenses, you will feel like walking along the beach in Miami, looking up and seeing the swaying green palm leaves. These lenses will lead you to a world of green palm trees, and experience tropical charm.

Moreover, Miami Green contact lenses are suitable for cosplay. These lenses suit characters from fairy tales, such as elves. Also, you can turn into Haruno Sakura from “Naruto”.

In all, Miami Green contact lenses are designed to capture the mesmerizing beauty of nature, and our products will make your eyes truly stand out. These lenses create a striking and memorable appearance with vibrant pigments and natural-looking patterns.

Never Miss Miami Hazel

Hazel is a warm color, and rarely used in colored contact lenses, so now Unicornsbeauty boldly applies hazel to colored contacts. Miami looks like a combination of light green and gold, having both features of these two colors.

Miami Hazel puts people on a journey in Miami. Imagine that you are on a morning beach in Miami. A golden ray of sunlight shines into the misty sea surface, and palm leaves sway in the wind around you. With Miami Hazel contact lenses, you can create a casual look effortlessly.

Not only do Miami Hazel contact lenses enhance the sense of leisure in your eyes, but also it can also add depth and richness to your gaze. Whether you desire a sultry and mysterious look or a gentle and comforting aura, Miami Hazel contact lenses will help you achieve it.

If you’re looking for a warmer and more casual vibe, Miami contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty are a great choice. You have the option to wear your preferred hazel contact lenses for a subtle and elegant look or a bold and glamorous style.

Therefore, explore and enjoy a leisurely holiday with Miami colored contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty. Each lens in Miami Collection has its specialty. Whether you are on a beach, or relaxing in a bar, you can create different casual looks with Miami Collection contact lenses. Let your eyes glow with utmost charm!