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Wildness Wolf Grey

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Wildness Green Snake

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Wildness Leopard Brown

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Wildness Peacock Blue

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Seeking Wild Contacts?

In the bustling city, we often feel pressure and constraints, seemingly losing our instinctual connection with nature. Yet deep within us lies a primal force, yearning to be set free amidst the urban confines. That’s why we’ve fused the soul with the strengths of four animals from the wild to create the all-new Wildness series contact lenses. With ‘wildness’ as our theme, we rekindle the bond with nature. Whether you seek mystery, crave exploration of the unknown, or yearn for wildness and freedom, Wildness Series contact lenses cater to your desires for mystery and untamed spirit. Also, Wildness Series contact lenses will help you unveil your unique and enigmatic side, bravely step into a mythic journey, and embrace the mystical power of the natural world. Awaken the untamed force within, reclaim your true self, and pursue freedom. Let’s unleash the wild within together.

Wildness Green Snake: Unveiling the Mystical Wisdom

Wildness Green Snake contact lenses are primarily green in color. We drew our inspiration from the emerald green scales of snake and produced Wildness Green Snake contact lenses which will make the eyes look as if they are full of mystery.

is a masterpiece that interprets the wonderful connection between mystery and nature. It seems like a magical presentation of a green snake pattern in the natural jungle, emitting a mysterious and unique charm. Wearing these pairs of pupils, you feel like stepping into a lush jungle and experiencing the wonderful power of harmonious coexistence with nature.

In some myths and legends in the Amazon region, there exists a mysterious green snake that is described as having magical power and wisdom. This green snake may be considered a guardian of the forest. Inspired by the myths, Wildness Green Snake contact lenses are like the clever doodle on a canvas, with deep emerald green colors outlining charming snake patterns. This unique color gives your eyes a mysterious and charming light, as if bathing in the embrace of the mysterious colors of nature.

It is not only a kind of colored contact lenses, but also a symbol of intimate connection with nature. The emerald green color is like the extended greenery in the forest, presenting a vibrant vitality that harmoniously coexists with nature.

Wearing Wildness Green Snake contact lenses, you will experience a mysterious feeling of blending with nature. It seems to be a mysterious dance like snake patterns, making your eyes sparkle with unique and charming charm.

Wearing Wildness Green Snake contact lenses, bravely showcase your unique charm, immerse yourself in the mysterious natural colors, feel the magical and wonderful power of nature, release your unique mysterious charm, and perfectly blend with the mysterious beauty of nature.

Wildness Leopard Brown: : Unleashing the Power Within

Wildness Leopard Brown contact lens draws its inspiration from the sleek eyes of the agile American leopard, based on a brown color palette. Wearing these lenses, your eyes will appear deeper and more captivating. While showcasing the essence of untamed nature, this lens also carries a hint of strength and power.

In Mayan culture, the leopard was an important sacred animal associated with power, war, and power. It is said that Maya nobles and warriors would use the image of a leopard to showcase their leadership status and courage. In Mayan mythology, there are also deity images related to the jaguar, which symbolize mystery and power.

These lenses serve as more than just an accessory; they’re a statement. As you wear Wildness Leopard Brown contact lenses, a transformative power takes hold, reflecting the primal strength and elegance of the leopard. It’s an invitation to embrace your inner dynamism, to stride with purpose and vigor.

Whether you seek to channel the animalistic vigor of the wild or simply wish to add a touch of commanding presence to your gaze, these lenses are the embodiment of natural might, empowering you to leave a lasting impression wherever you go. With Wildness Leopard Brown, feel the surge of vitality and command the attention with every glance.

Wildness Peacock Blue: Exuding the Regal Elegance

Inspiraed by the beautiful blue eye spots on peacock feathers, the main color tone of Wildness Peacock Blue contact lenses is blue, showcasing the charming effect of peacock feathers. The blue gradient and unique pattern make the eyes look lively and elegant. This kind of contact lenses seems to showcase the elegant beauty of peacock feathers, bringing a sense of luxury and unique attraction to the eyes. What’s more, with this kind of contact lenses, your sophistication and a commanding presence will be fully exuded.

Why? In Greek mythology, the peacock is a symbol of the goddess Hera, and the “eyes” on the peacock’s wings come from the hundred eyed giant Argos, who served Hera. After Argos sacrificed himself in the mission, Hera transformed his one hundred eyes onto the peacock wings to express his love and loyalty. Therefore, peacock blue also represents the authority and elegance of the goddess. Therefore, we apply peacock blue to contact lenses.

Whether you seek to emulate the poise of the peacock’s grandeur or aspire to exude a sense of refined authority, these lenses embody an essence of sophistication and influence. With Wildness Peacock Blue, channel the majestic allure and captivate with every glance, epitomizing elegance and authority effortlessly.

Wildness Wolf Grey: Embrace Freedom and Confidence

Grey is the most prominent color in Wildness Wolf Grey contact lenses, inspired by the soft and delicate gray fur of wolves. With this kind of contact lenses, you can convey your strong confidence and exude a charming and wild charm in a modern posture.

Wolves are symbols of wildness and freedom. They live in nature, freely navigate through the natural environment, displaying primitive, wild, and free qualities, and are regarded as representatives of the spirit of freedom.

With a captivating shade of grey akin to the mesmerizing gaze of a wolf, Wildness Wolf Grey contact lenses not only amplify the depth of your eyes but also radiate an essence of self-assurance and liberation. The unique hue commands attention, evoking a feeling of inner strength and the freedom to be yourself.

Whether you seek to mirror the wolf’s resilient confidence or aspire to feel liberated and self-assured, these lenses encapsulate an essence of confidence and unrestrained liberty. With Wildness Wolf Grey, you will exude the assuredness and freedom of the wolf with every glance, expressing confidence and freedom effortlessly.

Wildness Series Contacts Lookbook

Step into a world where untamed beauty meets mythical allure with the Wildness series contact lenses. Each lens embodies the essence of nature’s raw magnificence, offering you a glimpse into the enigmatic and mystical. These lenses transcend mere cosmetic enhancements, becoming gateways to a realm where the wild spirit of animals converges with the elegance of nature’s palette.

Contact Lenses of Wildness Series: Showcase Your Wild Nature and Aggression

Wildness, a word of vivacity and nature, is always associated with various kinds of wildlife and the great nature where they live. To many people, the most obvious characteristic of the wild is that being of dangerous or friendly wild animals, which live without limitation, showing their unique vigor and power. Sometimes, wildness manifests as a desire for freedom, independence, adventure, and exploration, as well as a longing for nature and wilderness life.

The contact lenses of Wildness Series from Unicornsbeauty are designed to enhance your natural beauty by applying an aura of wildness and animation to your appearance. Once you wear these contact lenses, they will certainly add stunning glamour to your look, announcing that people around you will be conquered by your wild gaze. If you are interested in Wildness Series, we strongly recommend you find your favorite contact lenses at Unicornsbeauty!

Unicornsbeauty offers well-designed and high-quality contact lenses of Wildness Series, including four animal-like colors: Snake Green, Wolf Grey, Peacock Blue, and Leopard Brown, and each of them fully shows either a feeling of danger or a sense of mesmerizing. With all these exquisite contact lenses, there is no exaggeration that you are destined to be the nobility of them all. What is the best part? To choose contact lenses of Wildness Series from Unicornsbeauty, you have the options of 1-day, 1-month, 3-month, or even 1-year disposables, depending on the number of days you plan to wear them. Hurry up and embrace the magic of Wildness Series!

Know More Features of Wildness Series

With the prime principle of assuring high quality and exquisite designs, we take great pride in offering safe products and satisfying services that are widely praised by our customers. Also, we provide durable contact lenses which are in great need for those who are interested in makeup. Are you looking for something flashy to catch everyone’s eyes? Or are you seeking something bold enough to show your temperament of a master? Just follow our steps and find your dreamy contact lenses in Unicornsbeauty!

For those who want to showcase their natural beauty and attach an aura of wildness to their gazes, Wildness Series from Unicornsbeauty can be your best choice. Generally, when we talk about wildness, wild terrains such as plains, forests, or mountains and wild animals like wolves, tigers, or hares come to mind. It is hard for us to find a specific characteristic to present the charm of wildness, and we finally chose some dangerous but charming animals as the sources of inspiration for Wildness Series. Surprisingly, we found that the final result exceeded our expectations. How can beauties refuse to wear these mesmerizing contact lenses? They are perfectly suitable for the one who is seeking contact lenses that look dangerous, and wild but still attractive.

At Unicornsbeauty, we not only provide beautiful contact lenses but also make high-quality products available to you. Aiming at reducing the discomfort brought by contact lenses, we use high-quality materials with a great oxygen transmission rate and 38 percent water content, which could effectively trap water in your eyes to secure long-lasting moisture. You can freely enjoy unparalleled comfort without concerns! As for the techniques, we adopt advanced techniques to keep at bay all kinds of harm. The sandwich painting tech can prevent your eyes from contacting these lenses directly.

Add a Dash of Green to Your Eyes

Unleash your inner enchantress with Wildness Green Snake colored contacts! Inspired by the mesmerizing allure of snakes, these contact lenses feature a deep green shade that exudes mystery and intrigue. They can transform your gaze into a captivating serpent-like allure with the color of a green snake and embrace the magic within. Generally, green represents vivacity and something lovely like newly-born leaves and buds. But the color of wildness green snake shows a sense of danger and unknown. For this reason, they are quite suitable for you to wear if you want to attend a fancy dress party or just for cosplay. However, green is also a right and common choice for daily activities. If you want to be unique but not so showy, I believe Wildness Green Snake colored contacts from Unicornsbeauty can meet your need. 

Discover the Allure of Wildness Peacock Blue

Enhance your eyes with the alluring charm of Wildness Peacock Blue contact lenses. The deep blue shade of these lenses captures attention and adds a touch of mystery to your gaze. With their attractive and captivating allure, these contact lenses are perfect for making a lasting impression. Elevate your look with Wildness Peacock Blue contact lenses and let your eyes mesmerize all who behold them. Different from normal light blue, this Wildness Peacock Blue doesn’t like blue sky or ocean. This bright blue exudes a special aura of wildness and aggression, even presenting a sense of nobility, dominance, and auspiciousness.

Embrace the Magic of Wildness Wolf Grey

This murky grey is perfectly suitable for those who want to exude their inner nobility and ambitions. The wolf-like gaze can enhance your nobility and power, making your gaze aggressive like an alpha female. Do you want to catch people’s attention wherever you go? One pair of these mesmerizing contact lenses of Wildness Wolf Grey is enough! Be no more neutral and normal like other grey contact lenses and become stunning with your natural glamour and enchanting contact lenses!

Unleash Your Beauty with Wildness Leopard Brown

Although brown is a warm color, Wildness Leopard Brown seems not as mild as other browns. As leopard is always regarded as the epitome of speed, power, and danger, these contact lenses can also apply the same feelings to your gaze, making you so cool and aggressive. With these contact lenses, you can easily change the color of your pupils and make your eyes look bigger. Also, as a classic color, Wildness Leopard Brown contact lenses are suited for parties, cosplay, fashion shows, etc.