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Seattle Grey

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Angeles Urban Blue

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Rebirth Cosmic Green

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Avatar Lagoon (Daily-10 pieces)

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Neo Glamour Blue Green

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Sleepless Artist (Daily-10 pieces)

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Barbie Green

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Meta Grey

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Sin Green

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Wildness Wolf Grey

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Earthlight Blue

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Rare Iris Blue

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Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

As we all know, wearing contact lenses is a popular way to enhance our appearance, and colored contact lenses can add a new dimension to our look by changing the natural eye color.

When it comes to dark pupils, people usually think that will give people a feeling of depth and mystery, and when you stare at these eyes for a long time, it feels like you are crashing into a bottomless black hole, which is full of unknowns. But individuals with dark eyes might have a little concerns about the visibility of their chosen colors, because of the original color. With the development of technology has made the color of your eye changing possible by creating colored contact lenses that are vibrant and noticeable even though you have dark eyes.

To trust Unicornsbeauty

At Unicornbeauty, we are breaking these stereotypes by offering a diverse range of colored contacts that suit even those born with dark eyes. And we will embrace a bold change by providing you with a quantity product that will mesmerize everyone.

Unicornsbeauty provides you with a wide range of selection, ranging from Allure Love Ice Blue Colored Contact Lenses, BossGirl Blue Colored Contact Lenses, which is particular for charming shape, to Atlantic Green Colored Contact Lenses whose style is peculiar, and if wearing in your dark eyes is like a beautiful peacock living in your eyes. These contact lenses will surprise you in various ways, such as shapes, colors, and sizes. And what you want can be found here!

Chose your favorite colors

There are various colors for your optioning, ranging from natural shades like brown, hazel, and gray to more vibrant hues like blue, green, and violet. These lenses can completely block your natural eye color, and replace it with the chosen color, offering a surprising transformation. They subtly intensify the existing color and add depth and vibrancy.

It is important to choose suitable contact lens colors for those who want a more subtle change in their appearance, especially when the colored contact lenses you choose combine with your dressing and makeup, which will facilitate significant changes.

To Choose your suitable styles

In addition to considering the color, choosing the appropriate style can not be ignored. How about Fallen Angel Blue? Its style looks very particular, and as you can see, there are yellow, black, and blue in it, as if there were a sunflower inside the bowl. Combine those striking colors and create an attractive style. What’s more, you can also consider our “Pearl” series, and there are four kinds of colors you can try, and their shapes are similar but the only difference is color.

Moreover, we also recommend that people with deep pupils first choose natural-style contact lenses. These kinds of contact lenses will make your eyes look natural and gentle, making the entire eye makeup more harmonious.

In conclusion, our colored contact lenses for dark eyes offer an easy way to enhance your appearance by changing or enhancing the natural eye color. If your eye color is dark and deep, you can choose suitable colored contact lenses provided by our Unicornsbeauty, which will help you unleash your true beauty, and witness the wonders they create!


  • You’ll have to try it on yourself to see how it works because different wearer has various effect
  • You can choose some vibrant colors and natural styles
  • Don’t forget to consider the seize of your eyes