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Crush Blue

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Crush Green

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Crush Purple

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Crush on You Series: Be Obsessed, Be Shy, and Be Pure

Have you ever fallen in love with someone secretly or read a love story full of pity and sorrow? Whether you have personally experienced such a relationship or just heard of it, the feeling it brings may leave a deep impression on you. This series of contact lenses is named Crush on You, containing meaning that shows other people how it feels when they have a crush. In other words, once they make eye contact with you, they can feel the passion and impulse like the love in their heart bursts out.

Just like the one who falls in love, contact lenses of Crush on You can apply a sense of purity, passion, and a little bit of shyness to you, creating an aura of naivety and purity. No matter what kind of character you are in the relationship, you are capable of refreshing yourself and enhancing your natural beauty with this series. Feel free to show your mesmerizing beauty and hunt for a crush if you want to!

Do you wish to taste the innocence and affection of having a crush? Or do you want to ignite the fire in others’ hearts? Just try the series of Crush on You, and you will surely love these charming contact lenses. The colors of this series are widely welcomed, classic but unique, and contain four colors: brown, blue, green, and purple. With all these colored contact lenses, you have the power to transform into an irresistible charm. Follow our steps and explore the magic of Crush on You at Unicornsbeauty!

Indulge Yourself in the World of Crush on You Series

Many words can be used to describe the feelings when you have a crush, such as nervousness, excitement, passion, and fear. It seems impossible to combine all these feelings in one condition, but surprisingly, crush does have its specialty to express all these feelings. To apply the same feelings to your gaze, Unicornsbeauty meticulously crafted this series and proudly offered it to enhance your natural beauty.

Reliable Craftsmanship

These contact lenses seamlessly blend your natural eye color and unveil your mesmerizing beauty. Crafted with high-quality materials, contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty provide a comfortable and soft touch to your eyes, keeping your eyes moist to deal with all-day-long makeup. It is indisputable that we guarantee safe and durable products that can show your beauty and satisfy you. Immerse yourself in the artistic mastery of Crush on You Series and enjoy these exquisite contact lenses without scruple!

Enchanted Hues and Designs

Whether you desire to enhance your natural beauty or explore new styles, the contact lenses of Crush on You Series can fulfill all your dreams. If you are seeking something unique, Crush on You Series will surprise you and bring you an unprecedented experience. Different from those pure-colored contact lenses, we blend different colors to build a more natural transition. To ensure that these colored contact lenses look natural on your eyes, we carefully adopted such a design to amplify your pupils and make the color more natural. Combined with your makeup, the contact lenses of Crush on You Series here can unleash your charm, and you can easily attract everyone’s attention.

Eye-catching Makeup with Crush on You Series

All colors of Crush on You Series have characteristics that could enhance your charm. These dark colors are especially suitable for splashy and showy makeup to show off your confidence and glamour. For this reason, you can freely collocate these contact lenses with your glittering eye shadows and favorite dress with fancy decorations and accessories. Comparatively heavy makeup can emphasize the light of your eyes, creating a sense of nobility and elegance. For those who want to be in the limelight of the crowds, the contact lenses of this series are indubitably your prior choice. Do not hesitate and explore the world of Crush on You Series at Unicornsbeauty!

Find Your Favourite color in Crush on You Series

Brown, a warm and classic color, always exudes a sense of friendliness and kindness. It is not as bright as gold or red, and it is also not profound enough compared with dark and orange. However, brown is widely welcomed for its warmth and elegance, captivating gazes with its mesmerizing hue. Whether you are looking for pure makeup or a noble aura, brown will never let you down. Choose Crush Brown and enjoy your beauty.

Whether you are a lover of blue contact lenses lover or not, Crush Blue will catch your eyes. With its tranquility and delicate hue, you can freely showcase your natural beauty. Moreover, Crush Blue can seamlessly blend your natural eye color with this light blue, forming an aura of relaxation and nobility. For all these specialties it has, Crush Blue is quite suitable for not only parties but also daily activities such as work or hanging around.

Although it is named Crush Green, you can see blue and yellow in these contact lenses. We know that pure and light green express a feeling of vivacity and nature, but this mixed color of green also leaves a unique impression on everyone who sees it. In this color, we can see something as tranquil as blue, something as vivid as green, and something as bright as yellow, exuding all beauty just from only one color with great harmony. For those who want to try something new, Crush Green can be their first choice.

If you want to showcase your mesmerizing charm, you must try our contact lenses of Crush Purple. It is so hard to describe the specific charm of this color. As they present the color of light purple as well as pink, these contact lenses can be cute, pure, mesmerizing, or even alluring. What’s more, purple can express its nobility as you wear these contact lenses with your fancy dresses. Or if you want to be adorable, some simple dresses and accessories can be good matches.