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Seeking Elegant Contacts?

Iris, symbolizing a variety of meanings, derives its name from the Greek rainbow goddess Iris, representing vibrant colors. Inspired by the Iris’s colorful petals and vivid hues, Unicornsbeauty introduces Rare Iris series contact lenses, promising an unprecedented delightful experience. This series not only offers a range of colors such as blue, grey, green, and brown but also incorporates intricate patterns and meticulous designs to showcase your unique style and fashionable taste. Whether you desire modern chic style or romantic elegance style, Rare Iris colored contact lens is destined to be your best choice.


Rare Iris Blue

Inspired by the mythical Iris flower, these lenses embody the allure and elegance associated with the goddess Iris in Greek mythology.

Immerse yourself in the captivating depths of the Rare Iris Blue lenses, as they draw inspiration from the mesmerizing petals of the Iris flower, which, according to legend, were once the embodiment of the goddess Iris herself. With a stunning azure hue reminiscent of the vast heavens, these lenses exude an otherworldly charm that effortlessly enhances your gaze.

Rare Iris Blue contact lens transcends conventional beauty standards, offering wearers a unique and ethereal experience. The rich blue tones not only evoke a sense of mystery but also mirror the boundless possibilities of the universe. As you don these lenses, you’ll find yourself stepping into a realm where every blink reveals a new facet of your own captivating allure.

What sets Rare Iris Blue lenses apart is not just their color but the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each pair. The intricate patterns and delicate designs seamlessly blend with your natural eye color, creating a harmonious and mesmerizing effect. These lenses are more than a cosmetic enhancement; they are an expression of individuality, a celebration of the mysterious, and an ode to the exquisite beauty within.

Whether you’re seeking an enigmatic allure for a special occasion or a daily dose of extraordinary elegance, Rare Iris Blue contact lens is your passport to a world where mystique meets magnificence. Elevate your gaze, embrace the enchantment, and let Rare Iris Blue contact lenses redefine your perception of beauty.

Rare Iris Brown

Unlike other bright colors, brown seems less related to Iris or the rainbow. However, it also represents a mixture of colors such as orange, blue, yellow, and purple, containing various styles from different colors. Rare Iris Brown contact lenses emanate a warmth that mirrors the gentle hues of nature, capturing the essence of earthy elegance. Infused with a delicate pattern and meticulous design, these lenses aim to enhance your natural beauty, providing a subtle yet striking allure to your eyes.

The rich, brown tones of the Rare Iris series are reminiscent of autumnal landscapes, creating a mesmerizing gaze that exudes both comfort and sophistication. Whether you’re seeking a look that resonates with modern chic or a touch of classic allure, these lenses offer a versatile choice that effortlessly complements various styles.

Step into a realm of timeless beauty with Rare Iris Brown contact lenses, where warmth meets elegance. Elevate your style and embrace the enchantment of these lenses, as they effortlessly blend with your individuality, promising a look that is both refined and uniquely yours. Dare to express your inner warmth and grace with the Rare Iris Brown contact lenses – a symbol of understated beauty and timeless sophistication.

Rare Iris Grey

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of the iris flower, Rare Iris Grey contact lenses redefine grace and sophistication with their subtle yet enchanting grey hue and give your eyes the purity and mystery of white iris flowers in the shadows.

Rare Iris Grey contact lens encapsulates the essence of purity, casting a spell of timeless charm upon your gaze. The delicate grey shade symbolizes a refined sense of tranquility, evoking a serene and pristine aura that effortlessly enhances your natural allure. As you adorn these lenses, you step into a world where simplicity meets sophistication, and every glance reflects a pure, understated beauty.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Rare Iris Grey, where each blink tells a tale of purity, clarity, and sophistication. Elevate your style, embrace the simplicity of beauty, and let your eyes speak the language of pure elegance with this exceptional collection. Unveil a new dimension of radiance and charm as you embrace the timeless allure of Rare Iris Grey – a celebration of pure beauty that transcends boundaries.

Rare Iris Green

Capturing the essence of freshness and natural allure, Rare Iris Green contact lenses redefine the concept of eye enhancement with their vibrant green hues and intricate design.

Rare Iris Green contact lens takes its cue from the delicate petals of the iris flower, renowned for symbolizing hope, renewal, and the rejuvenating spirit of nature. This collection is more than just a cosmetic accessory; it is a visual celebration of the crisp, revitalizing qualities found in the great outdoors.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing world of Rare Iris Green contact lenses, where each lens is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The green tones seamlessly blend to mimic the serenity of lush meadows and the vibrancy of blooming iris flowers. The result is a pair of lenses that not only enhances the natural beauty of your eyes but also imparts a sense of clarity and vitality.

Whether you seek to embrace a carefree, natural look for everyday wear or desire a touch of whimsical charm for a special occasion, Rare Iris Green contact lens offers versatility to complement various styles. The lenses are designed to provide a subtle yet impactful transformation, allowing your eyes to radiate a pure and invigorating glow.

Step into a world where the ethereal beauty of nature meets the artistry of eye enhancement. Rare Iris Green contact invites you to embrace the charm of clear, rejuvenating tones that mirror the essence of a dew-kissed morning. Elevate your gaze, refresh your style, and let Rare Iris Green contact lenses be your passport to a world of timeless elegance and natural allure.

Rare Iris Contacts Lookbook

Browse our favorite styles and looks to pair with Rare Iris Colored Contact Lenses. Whether you’re looking to glam up your look or to complement your natural beauty with your eye color, our line-up of beautiful contact lenses are sure to have the perfect tone for you.

Rare Iris Series: Be Unique and Outstanding Among All Blossoms

Iris, one of the most important plants in the garden, is popular for its variety of colors and its symbol of love and freedom. Derived from Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the name of this strain shows that Iris has various bright colors like a rainbow. This series of contact lenses is inspired by a field of Iris, aiming at emerging the natural freshness when you immerse yourself in the flower farm. If you are seeking something romantic or elegant, Unicornsbeauty can meet all your expectations.

In Rare Iris series, we have four charming colors for you to choose from: brown, blue, grey, and green. Different from those white or purple colored Iris, we prefer to use some special and distinctive colors to distinguish our products from normal Iris colors, which may bring you to an entirely new world. At Unicornsbeauty, Rare Iris series is an homage to the Iris’s mesmerizing beauty, featuring a fresh sense of romance and dream.

Explore the Exquisite Flavor of Rare Iris Series

Prepare to be captivated by the carefully designed pattern of Rare Iris series. Iris is known as the species of vitality and romance all along. For this reason, Iris is favored by those well-known artists, such as Monet and Vincent van Gosh. In particular, Monet is partial towards Iris because of its vivacity, as well as the truthfulness, wisdom, and nobility it represents. To eternally replicate the ethereal beauty and virtues it has, Monet chose to contain it in his paintings.

Inspired by all these features of Iris, Unicornsbeauty carefully designed this series to enhance your natural beauty and add eye-catching glamour to your gaze. Looking to become the charming nymph on a festival occasion? You are in luck! Rare Iris series of contact lenses can elevate your grace and fulfill your dream. Bravely be the one you want to be, and your look is yours to change.

Feel Free to Show Your Charm All the Time

As for occasions, Rare Iris series of contact lenses is nearly suitable for every place you go. Not only because this series has various colors for you to choose from, but it can also apply mesmerizing glamour to your makeup. Whether you are going on a trip in the vernal morning or attending a Halloween party at night, these contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty are the best accessories that evoke your natural beauty.

Not just for a fashion statement, Rare Iris series also adds a touch of elegance and grace to your appearance, bringing out your inner charm. With the Rare Iris series, your eyes become a canvas of famous artists, exhibiting all the beauty decorated by these contact lenses.

Engage in the Magic of Rare Iris Brown

Unlike other bright colors, brown seems less related to Iris or the rainbow. However, it also represents a mixture of colors such as orange, blue, yellow, and purple, containing various styles from different colors, thus creating its unique style. Same as red Iris, Rare Iris brown contact lenses tell their enthusiasm and resilience through your eyes. If you are looking for warmer and more elegant makeup, Rare Iris brown contact lenses are a great choice, because the purpose of these colored contact lenses is to replicate both the beauty and undertones of the Iris, enhancing the depth and charm of your gaze.

Just a little change will make your appearance different. As a classical color for a long time, brown contact lenses have been a signature of elegance and sophistication. There is no exaggeration that brown contact lenses can fit all your fancy dresses and routine suits. Let’s explore with the brown contact lenses here at Unicornsbeauty!

Enhance Your Unique Aura with Rare Iris Grey

It may sound unbelievable, but the grey color is closely related to other bright colors. Sometimes it looks like light brown color and sometimes it can be murky white. As a neutral color, grey provides a smokey eye look, conveying a sense of nobility and indifference. Grey contact lenses can be paired with glittery and shimmery eye shadows to make a delicate appearance, and it will bring you a glamorous and dazzling effect. Moreover, grey is said to be an inclusive color because it can be a good foil for most other colors.

Wanna be an alluring queen wherever you go? Why not explore Unicornsbeauty and try our grey contact lenses from Rare Iris Series? You will find a brand-new world of expression in surprise because of our mesmerizing contact lenses. With these romantic grey contact lenses, you are allowed to catch everyone’s attention.

Dive into the World of Rare Iris Blue

Blue is a common color of Iris. When we talk about blue, the crystal sky comes to our mind initially. As for the blue Iris, it represents delicate beauty and eternal freedom. Our Rare Iris blue contact lenses can bring the same atmosphere to your look. Blue contact lenses have been acting as a sensation among many celebrities and stars who chase a striking look. Unicornsbeauty takes pride in offering fabulous blue contact lenses. No matter whether you want to wear blue contact lenses in daily life or for cosplay, the blue contact lenses of this series can meet all your needs.

Never Miss the Rare Iris Green

In most cases, green symbolizes nature and vitality, so this color evokes a sense of tranquility and vivid life. For those who want to showcase the feeling of relaxation, green contact lenses can be their best choice. What they can express beyond their aesthetic enhancement. For this reason, you can achieve a stunning look on any occasion once you wear our green contact lenses. With just a simple switch, you can change your eye color, look, and even personality.

Are you tired of dark colored eyes and want to change others’ impressions of you? Do you want to keep the vernal days in your eyes? Try our green contact lenses from Rare Iris series, which epitomize the beloved spring for you.