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Prism Series: Collect the Glitter and Radiate Your Glamour

Prism is always used in the field of science and image and is widely used because it has a great capacity for refracting lights or concentrating lights. Moreover, the prism is popular among some people for not only its transparency but also its radiant rainbow colors. As prism is also the form of many crystals, it can exude its beauty with a sense of high quality and rarity. Inspired by its characteristics, Unicornsbeauty carefully designed this series of contact lenses, aiming to preserve the resplendent beauty in your eyes.

To replicate the translucency and brightness of the glittering prism, we chose three crystal-clear light colors as our basic designs: blue. Maybe you have never tried such a delicate pattern like this, so it is a good chance to experience our Priam Series. With all these exquisite contact lenses, you can find your ideal accessories to fit your makeup in Unicornsbeauty.

What is the best part? To choose contact lenses from Fireworks Collection, you have the option of 1-Day, 1-Month, 3-Month, or even One Year disposables, depending on the number of days you plan to wear them. This provides you with great convenience. Seize the chance and discover the magic within yourself!

Feel the Mesmerizing Glamour of Prism Series

To help you fulfill your dream, Unicornsbeauty introduces the contact lenses of Prism Series to you, which are carefully designed to unfold your confidence and sophistication. Also, we pride ourselves on consistently providing high-quality contact lenses to protect your eyes without diminishing your glamour. There is no need for you to be confused any longer, for you can embrace various features here. Say goodbye to unnatural contact lenses and make your eyes brighter with Pearl Series!

Trusted High-quality Materials to Bring You Safety

As Unicornsbeauty pays great attention to keeping your eyes safe, we carefully choose high-quality materials with a great oxygen transmission rate and 38 percent water content, which could effectively maintain water in your eyes to secure long-lasting moisture. Especially for those colored contact lenses that can be used for a long time, the ability to maintain a proper water content is of great importance. Now there is no need to worry that your contact lenses will hurt your eyes because Unicornsbeauty guarantees unparalleled comfort for you. Just freely showcase your natural beauty with no discomfort wherever you are!

Cutting Edge Techniques help to keep comfort

As a beauty brand that sells makeup tools like colored contact lenses, false eyelashes, and so on, we certainly know the importance of safeguarding pupils and eyes. To achieve this purpose, we use sandwich painting tech to prevent direct contact between pigment and cornea and ensure your safety. What’s more, we attach great importance to solutions for eye protection against UV rays, using materials and techs that block 95 percent of UV rays that are harmful to our eyes. With all this information mentioned above, we can confidently showcase our advantages in the field of providing reliable contact lenses for all our customers.

Exquisite Designs to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

To replicate the unparalleled glamour of the crystal-like prism, we carefully designed the Prism Series with an exquisite pattern that has a dotted marking and complex color mixture, showing a sense of peaceful but vivid nature and presenting a feeling of sheen and tranquility. Moreover, to make the color more natural, we decided to use a lighter color in the inner circle of the contact lenses. You can see a mild transition of color as you wear these contact lenses, which allows you to show your natural beauty without the feeling of artificiality.

Your Reliable Accessory for Different Dressings and Makeup Styles

As the Prism Series contact lenses grace your eyes, you are granted the power to celebrate your essence. Whether you plan to have a party, attend a meeting, or have a city walk outside, Prism Series can perfectly fit your different dressings and makeup. Prism Blue can be a good choice to create an ethereal atmosphere with light makeup and elegant dresses for those who want a pure and unworldly look. Prism Blue contact lens is also the most suitable color for those who want a noble look. Comparatively heavy makeup can emphasize the light of your eyes, creating a sense of nobility and elegance.

Unleash Your Mesmerizing Beauty with Prism Blue

As an enduring classic color, there is no need for further comment on the glamour of blue. In Prism Series, the color blue is subtly different from the colors from other series. When we talk about blue, what immediately comes to our minds are tranquility, summer sky, and oceans. It is no exaggeration that you can find something different and unique at Unicornsbeauty.

Unlike other light blue or deep blue, the Prism Blue is a mix of blue, green, and yellow, imitating the glitter radiated by a real prism when the light beam penetrates through. This color is transparent as crystal blue, but the combination of all these warm colors also shows an extraordinary beauty. Each pair of blue contact lenses in this collection is perfect for Cosplay, fancy dress, or just adding a glimpse of sparkle to your everyday outfit. Believe that Prism Blue contact lenses can work wonders to make you feel fabulous.


(1) Which color is my best choice?

It depends on your skin tone, occasion, and your dress. If you want to know how the contact lenses look like on the eyes, you can refer to the pictures from our models at Unicornsbeauty. Besides, we have detailed information about our products for you to know.

(2) Why Unicornsbeauty is suitable for me?

Unicornsbeauty has been devoted to providing better service to all buyers, including comfortable and high quality contact lenses and various series of harmonious color collocations. There is no exaggeration that Unicornsbeauty can catch your eye.

(3) Is it necessary to wear light-colored contact lenses if my eyes are deep in color?

Different eye colors can bring you different emotions and auras. Contact lenses of Prism Series can perfectly hide your original eye color through the advanced techniques they use. So, there is no need to worry about the effects of the contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty.