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Lustra Flora Blue

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Lustra Flora Brown

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Lustra Flora Black

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Lustra Flora Grey

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Lustra Flora Series: Be Lush Like the Flourishing Flora

Flora, being extant nearly everywhere in the world, is always associated with vivacity, blossom, and prosperity, and sometimes it is also regarded as a symbol of tranquility and pure beauty. Inspired by this idea, Unicornsbeauty carefully designed this series of contact lenses to preserve the serene but vivid beauty in your eyes.

To replicate the characteristics of flora, we carefully chose four transparent colors as our basic designs: blue, grey, black, and brown. As flora is universally connected with green and other similar colors that represent vitality and energy, we deliberately choose some colors like brown, black, and grey that are rarely seen in flora. With all these exquisite contact lenses, you can find your ideal accessories to fit your makeup in Unicornsbeauty.

Why Choose Flora Series at Unicornsbeauty

Unicornsbeauty has been devoting itself to helping customers explore their favorite and suitable contact lenses. Also, we pride ourselves on consistently providing high-quality contact lenses to protect your eyes without diminishing your glamour. There is no need for you to be confused any longer, for you can embrace various features here. Say goodbye to unnatural contact lenses, and make your eyes more charming with Flora Series!

Delicate Design to Enhance Your Beauty

As for the patterns of the Lustra Flora Series, we carefully designed a unique pattern with radiative and punctated lines to amplify your pupils and brighten your eyes. Moreover, to make the color more natural, we decided to use a lighter color as the main part of the contact lenses with a darker color as their margin. So you can see a mild and natural transition of color as you wear these contact lenses, which allows you to show your natural beauty without the feeling of artificiality.

Be Confident in Our High-quality Materials

Safety is always a core principle for Unicornsbeauty as we believe that high quality and good service are some of the most important ways to win the customers’ trust. For these contact lenses that can be used for a long time, safety and comfort are even more essential for both customers and sellers. These contact lenses have a great capacity to contain water and moisturize your eyes, and are produced with the finest materials to reduce foreign body sensation and discomfort. 

To protect your eyes, we use high-quality materials with a great oxygen transmission rate and 38 percent water content, which could effectively trap water in your eyes to secure long-lasting moisture. For this reason, you don’t need to worry that your contact lenses will hurt your eyes. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and freely showcase your natural beauty in every moment!

Advanced techniques to Protect Your Eyes

We also choose advanced and reliable techniques to protect your eyes from harm. The sandwich painting tech is applied to our contact lenses to avoid direct contact between pigment and cornea and ensure your safety. Moreover, we pay great attention to solutions for eye protection against UV rays, using materials and techs that block 95 percent of UV rays that are harmful to our eyes. Our contacts are FDA-approved and carry a CE mark, conforming to international qualitative medical standards. Trust Unicornsbeauty and join us in the magical world of mesmerizing contact lenses!

Suitable to All Styles and Makeup You Want 

As the Lustra Flora Series contact lenses grace your eyes, you are granted the power to enhance your charming beauty. Whether you plan to have a party, attend a meeting, or have a city walk outside, Lustra Flora Series is perfectly suitable for your different dressings and makeup. For those who want to have a pure and unworldly look, Lustra Flora Blue can be a good choice to create an ethereal atmosphere with light makeup and elegant dresses. For those who are seeking a noble look, Lustra Flora Grey, Lustra Flora Black, and Lustra Flora Brown are some of the most suitable colors. Comparatively heavy makeup can emphasize the light of your eyes, creating a sense of nobility and elegance.

Unleash Your Beauty with Lustra Flora Series

As it replicates the transparency and purity of that crystal sky and ocean, blue has long been a hot trend around the world. Lustra Flora Blue features a sense of tranquility and purity, making your eyes look like aquamarines that attract all the attention in the crowds. There is no exaggeration that blue can fully unfold your beauty and enhance your charm. Do you want to be the queen of all? Wait no more and fulfill your dream with these Lustra Flora Blue contact lenses!

Compared with Lustra Flora Blue, Lustra Flora Grey, Lustra Flora Black, and Lustra Flora Brown are not so transparent enough to exude a sense of purity. However, they are outstanding in terms of exhibiting nobility and sophistication. Specially, black and grey are also hot trends as they can fit most of your styles and personalities. On the other hand, these three colors are not so bright to immediately catch others’ attention, but their glamour can be brought out if you apply some conspicuous colors to your dress and makeup as a decoration. 

Don’t worry and show your natural beauty wherever you are! Lustra Flora Series is perfectly suitable for light makeup and heavy makeup, even fancy dresses and normal clothes. With the Lustra Flora Series, you will find a new you that you have never known before. Each color of this series has its specialty, and they will reflect different facets of your personality. Believe that Lustra Flora Series from Unicornsbeauty can work wonders to make you feel fabulous. This collection will surely take you to a new level with its careful design and bring you a subtle yet mesmerizing effect that leaves a perpetual impression on whoever goes by.