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Seattle Grey

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Meta Grey

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Wildness Wolf Grey

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Sin Grey

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Unspoken Grey

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Cocktail Vesper Martini Grey

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Aqua Naked Blue Grey

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Mocha Grey

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Atlantic Grey

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Aegean Sea II Grey

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Rare Iris Grey

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Fireworks Grey

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Seeking Natural Grey Contacts?

Grey, often overlooked in our everyday lives, holds a secret meaning and vibe! It’s all about finding balance, hugging your inner light and dark, and knowing that joy and sadness are like BFFs in life. But wait, grey isn’t just a color – it’s your go-to for balance, self-reflection, and being your real self! It’s like a little reminder, telling you that life is most beautiful when opposites get along.

Wearing our grey contact lenses, you will unveil a whole new level of beautiful. And your eyes will get extra depth and charm! It is time for you to express your unique beauty and let out the hidden you.

More importantly, Unicornsbeauty utilizes cutting-edge lens technology and revolutionary methods for manipulating color opacity. This helps us create natural and distinctive hue of contact lenses.

So why wait? Pop in those UnicornsBeauty grey contacts to enjoy their elegance and depth.

grey contacts

Dark Grey Contacts

At UnicornsBeauty, we’re constantly inspired by the notion of change. Our commitment to self-expression knows no bounds. Our grey contacts, Lustra Flora Grey, embodies this philosophy beautifully.

Lustra Flora Grey is a poetic masterpiece. The name itself hints at its essence . “Lustra” evokes a luminous brilliance, while “Flora” suggests the delicate beauty of nature. Adorning these grey contacts, you’ll experience a transformative radiance. And it is truly out of this world.

Reflecting a sheer and natural effect, Lustra Flora Grey is akin to a starlit galaxy. It’s as if you’re gazing into the cosmos itself. What you get is an ethereal and translucent quality that exudes a radiant charm.

Lustra Flora Grey adds an irresistible luminosity to your eyes and will be bound to turn heads. Really a perfect choice for those who seek the extraordinary and desire to shine like the stars. Sincerely invite you to sparkle with Lustra Flora Grey.

Light Grey Contacts

In your quest for natural light grey contact lenses, we offer a myriad of splendid color options. You can elevate your gaze with “Aqua Naked Grey”. Now, let us unveil their enchanting allure. These grey contacts are a mesmerizing embodiment of natural elegance, and their features are akin to a cosmic masterpiece.

Picture this: tiny grey dots gracefully encircle your iris, creating a celestial effect that mirrors a canvas of starlight. Boost profound depth and mystique of your eyes. It’s as if you’ve captured the very essence of a cool, enigmatic night sky in your eyes, evoking an cool sense of frosty. With every glance, you’ll command attention, leaving an impression that’s as unforgettable as a starry night.

Grey Contact Lenses on Dark Eyes

When it comes to enhancing the allure of your deep brown eyes, our selection of colored contact lenses offers a captivating solution. Just like all our colored contact lenses, even the deepest brown eyes can undergo a remarkable metamorphosis with our stunning color options. Opting for the grey contacts presents a superb choice for a striking transformation.

Our color opacity sets a new standard, effectively concealing your entire iris. This ensures that no one can easily discern that you’re wearing grey-colored contact lenses. Help you create a mesmerizing natural look that will leave a lasting impression. Make your eyes the center of attention.

Grey Contact Lenses on Light Eyes

Now, you might think that these are exclusively for those with dark eyes, but guess what? Our grey contacts are like a love potion for all eye colors! These enchanting lenses not only transform deep brown eyes into windows of mystery but also make light-eyed folks swoon.

Our grey contacts can make your eyes won’t just look stunning, but also reflect the calm and confidence within.

Here we have to mention our big contributor – Colour Opacity, which completely covers the iris and ensures that it’s almost impossible for anyone to notice that you’re wearing grey contact lenses! Helping you to enhance the beauty of your eyes instead of dulling them, giving you deep but natural-looking eyes.

Grey Contacts Lookbook

Browse our favorite styles and looks to pair with grey contact lenses. Whether you’re looking to glam up your look or to complement your natural beauty with your eye color, our line-up of beautiful grey contact lenses are sure to have the perfect tone for you.

Grey Contact Lenses

Do you want to create a new vibe by changing your eye pupil color? Our Unicornsbeauty cosmetic contact lenses can offer a very captivating grey transformation and give you unique beauty. If your eyes are not attractive, we also face no light.

The Reason why Wear Grey Contact Lenses

  • Grey is a neutral color, neither bright nor excessively dark, just like the night sky can set off all objects with light, and grey can match all colors. At the same time, grey is a fashionable aesthetic, and can show a noble temperament.
  • Grey contact lenses can be fully used on different occasions. Because grey contact lenses give a feeling of nobility and elegance, they can establish a mature and stable image, and make you stand out in the crowd. The grey series of contacts can set off a fresh look during the day and enhance the character and attractiveness of your makeup at night.
  • Grey contact lenses can show the personality and style of different people, and they are suitable for people who pursue unique styles and independent personalities. Whether the color is light or dark grey, through different grey tones and pattern designs, it can reflect the wearer’s independence and dare to express.

Make Your Eyes Appealing with our Grey Contact Lenses

Get ready to turn heads with a mesmerizing gaze that will leave a lasting impression. Discover the enchantment of Pearl grey, Atlantic Grey, the Fireworks Grey, and so on, and the products that Unicornsbeauty provides for you will add a touch of mystery to your style. 

Moreover, our hot trending: Meta grey, Atlantic Grey, and Seattle Grey are very popular choices, and if you are stuck on which one to wear, you can choose one of our hot trending to wear. And if you want to seek a truly spellbinding look, try the Flechazo Ice Grey lenses and Seattle Grey. 

With the latest and greatest light grey and dark grey contact lenses from top brands worldwide, you have the power to transform yourself and captivate everyone around you with the help of Unicornsbeauty.

Because of your choice that Unicornsbeauty shines

Getting ready to turn heads with a mesmerizing gaze that will leave a lasting impression. By following proper care and maintenance guidelines and experimenting with makeup and styling, you can make your grey contacts a crucial part of your daily life. With a range of shades, undertones, and styles, there’s a perfect pair of grey contacts for you guys to choose from.

Why not quickly step into the world of grey contact lenses to enhance your aura and showcase your magnificent qualities, Unicornsbeauty will try our best to provide you with high-quality products and services!


(1) Which groups of people are not suitable for wearing contacts?

Pregnant women, people with eye diseases, minors…, should not wear contacts for long times.

(2) How to choose the most suitable style?

You can refer to the pictures to observe the model’s skin and makeup or pick your favorite patterns, and our grey series of contacts are suitable for every wearer.

(3) How does it feel to wear grey contact lenses?

Our grey contact lenses are made of high-quality materials that ensure comfort and safety. They are soft, flexible, and breathable, making them easy to wear for long hours. The lenses also have a smooth surface that prevents irritations and provides a clear vision. Every contact lens offered by Unicornsbeauty is suitable for those who have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses regularly.G