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Eye Makeup Should Be Paired With Colored Contact Lenses

It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul, which is why most people try to highlight and emphasize their eyes. Often, this can be achieved with the help of contact lenses and eye makeup. In today's market, there are various colors and eyeshadows to choose from, so it's important to know which one suits your eyes best. If you want to know how to do it, this article will provide you with the answer.

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History of Colored Contact Lenses

Although modern colored contact lenses are quite different now, the idea of using them originated from contact lenses, which can be traced back hundreds of years and are associated with the famous artist, mathematician, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci in 1508. In 1936, William Feinbloom and a New York optometrist introduced contact lenses made of glass and plastic. Then, in 1948, Kevin Tuohy from California introduced the plastic contact lenses or breathable contact lenses that we use today. Eventually, it evolved to include breathable contact lenses and colored contact lenses. colored contact lenses can be used not only for vision correction but also as a makeup tool.

Similarly, eye makeup has a history of several hundred years, and its form is as simple as using powder. The use of this substance can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where a black pigment called kohl was used. The Egyptian royalty used it to enhance their appearance, especially during religious ceremonies. Eventually, this practice spread to Rome and Greece, where people used it not only for religious activities but also for physical attractiveness. Wearing eyeshadow was associated with the upper class because it was an expensive product.

Nowadays, with the improvement in quality of life, people not only pay attention to their clothing but also focus on their appearance. Pairing captivating colored contact lenses with attractive eye makeup can make you look different as a whole. Wearing colored contact lenses without matching eye makeup is only half of your charm! Starting with wearing colored contact lenses, the magic of colored contact lenses can be fully reflected when combined with eye makeup. Wearing colored contact lenses is just a small step in the overall transformation. Success depends on the assistance of eye makeup!


Why Eye Makeup Should Be Paired With Colored Contact Lenses

After wearing colored contact lenses, the proportion of the pupils and sclera changes, and they may become uncoordinated. The application of eye makeup is to correct these changes and make the proportion of the pupils and sclera, and even the entire eye shape, tend towards perfection.

Wearing colored colored contact lenses may initially feel abrupt, but once they are accompanied by eyeshadow and eyeliner in corresponding colors, everything will fall into place, and even exude a different charm.

Some colored contact lenses may have an initially negative effect, making the eyes appear dull or overly sharp. Eye makeup should avoid these "negative effects" and turn them into positive ones. With significant changes, a person's temperament and even their overall appearance can be transformed.

Principles of Perfect Pairing Between Colored Contact Lenses and Eye Makeup

Nowadays, girls know that a small pair of colored contact lenses sometimes has a significant impact, comparable to the time and effort spent on applying eye makeup. The purpose of applying eye makeup is to make the eyes shine and look attractive. colored contact lenses not only enhance and beautify the iris but also allow us to freely choose favorite colors, enabling us to confidently and boldly experiment with different makeup styles and hair colors. However, many people are unaware that there are principles when it comes to pairing colored contact lenses and eye makeup. 

(1) Principle of Proportional Balance

If the post-makeup effect is hazy or the eye shape is distorted, the entire pairing plan is incorrect.

(2) Principle of Degree Matching

The greater the change brought about by colored contact lenses to the original pupils, the more the eye makeup should follow suit and closely align with it. Eye makeup needs to reflect these changes, whether it's for a more mature or youthful appearance.

(3) Principle of Style Consistency

The various diameters, colors, and patterns of colored contact lenses can easily be classified. colored contact lenses and eye makeup of different styles can create various effects.

Essential Makeup Products Most Suitable for Colored Contact Lenses

  • Gel eyeliner: Gel eyeliner can create different thicknesses of eyeliners and is easy to blend for a smoky effect, providing versatile makeup looks.
  • Multi-color eyeshadow palette: If you have a pair of purple colored contact lenses, prepare a palette with three or more shades of purple eyeshadow. Choose a color from the palette each time you do your makeup and create various makeup looks that suit the enlarging lenses.
  • False eyelashes: While the changes brought about by enlarging lenses tend to be two-dimensional, false eyelashes add a three-dimensional effect. The combination of both brings about remarkable transformations.
  • Contouring powder/shading powder/highlighting pen: Enlarging lenses can change the depth of the eyes and affect the three-dimensionality of the eye sockets, thereby altering the concave and convex features of the face. After wearing enlarging lenses, pay special attention to whether the highlights or shadows in the eye sockets, nose, and cheekbones are properly applied.

A Brief Guide to Pairing Eye Makeup with colored contact lenses

One common question people ask is, "How do I choose the right eye makeup colors for my eyes?" A very useful principle to follow is the color wheel theory, which uses complementary colors to enhance your eyes. If you're aiming for harmony, you can also use adjacent colors on the color wheel. Here's a quick guide:

1Dark Brown Colored Contact Lenses: 

Dark brown contact lenses can go well with any form of eyeshadow. To accentuate your eyes, you can try bronze, gold, metallic shades, soft pinks, and vibrant blues. The perfect eye makeup pairings for dark brown eyes are forest earth tones and purple shades.

  • Forest Earth Tones:

Earthy green tones complement dark brown irises, creating a natural and harmonious look.

  • Purple Oriental Shades:

Grayish-purple, as a representative of cool tones, appears mysterious and deep after blending, making it a perfect match for dark brown pupils.

2Light Brown Colored Contact Lenses: 

Light brown colored contact lenses are the most commonly chosen color for everyday wear. Light brown lenses fall between brown and green. Essentially, this means you can try two colors that suit them best. The ideal eye makeup would be darker shades such as mocha coffee tones and romantic gray-pink shades, adding an enchanting and bright touch to green colored contact lenses.

  • Mocha Coffee Tones:

The best color pairing is coffee-colored eyeshadow, with the lightest shade being a soft latte white, exuding a dreamy and romantic vibe. It's suitable for daily occasions.

  • Romantic Gray-Pink Shades:

This combination of grayish pink and purple adds a sense of sophistication and liveliness to light brown colored contact lenses. It's the perfect choice for everyday makeup.

3Green Colored Contact Lenses:

Green colored contact lenses are currently trending, especially among those with light-colored hair who desire a mixed-race aesthetic. For those who choose green lenses resembling emerald green, the best eyeshadow shades are purple, plum, lilac, and violet. The darker the purple, the more intense the eyes appear. For matching options, it's best to choose darker shades of green, such as forest shades and emerald green. Another thing to try is complementary schemes, such as gold, yellow, and coral. The most suitable eye makeup pairing is a green gradient and soft pink or mauve.

  • Green Gradient Shades:

The first suitable eyeshadow is green eyeshadow within the same color range. Layer green shades on top of green colored contact lenses. For added depth, choose dark shades for the outer corners of the eyes, using deep green if available or blending with dark brown or dark blue.

  • Soft Pink and Violet:

A fresh and vibrant combination is nude pink tones paired with green, creating a refreshing and appealing look.

4Blue Colored Contact Lenses:

Blue colored contact lenses are a color that can be paired with both cool and warm eyeshadow tones, but many girls are hesitant to try them. The suitable eye makeup pairings are blue gradient shades and warm beachy oranges. After seeing the eyeshadow color schemes that go well with blue lenses, are you tempted?

Gray-Blue Tones:

Grayish-blue eyeshadow in the blue color range, similar to the previously mentioned shades, will achieve a refined and exquisite look when blended.

Warm Beachy Oranges:

Pairing with sandy orange and pink creates a summery and vacation vibe, expending a lively and zestful appearance. 

Colored contact lenses and eyeshadow can both enhance your gaze and amplify the power of your eyes. While following these guidelines, don't forget to have fun and enjoy it. The most important thing is for you to feel good and beautiful.

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