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Natural Beauty| Sharing Subtle and Elegant Contact Lenses

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Of course not everyone can appreciate such unique colored contact lenses. Not everyone can just walk into the office sporting a makeup look with a vibrant blue siren hue. However, that should not discourage you from joining in on this significant trend. There are plenty of amazing natural-colored lenses available, so you can definitely dress to impress while still looking human! At Unicornsbeauty, we would like to offer a variety of lenses , catering to different needs and preferences.

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Natural Colored Contact Lenses to Try in 2023

Unicornsbeauty: Unlock the Path to Natural Beauty   

At Unicornsbeauty, we can meet the needs and preferences of different customers. Whether you're looking to complement your elegant attire, create a flawless makeup transformation for a special event, or simply enhance your everyday look,we always provide a wide range of suitable hues for you to choose from!

Subtle Enhancements for Every Occasion:Our natural-colored contact lenses have been meticulously crafted to offer you subtle yet impactful enhancements. They greatly fuse into our natural eye color and create a harmonious and authentic look. Whether you have light blue eyes and want to intensify their brilliance or you have dark brown eyes and wish to add a touch of hazel, our lenses are here to make your vision a reality.

Select the Ideal Shade for You:All of us understand the value of customization to meet the unique demands  of each individual. Our extensive collection includes a wide variety of shades that take care of different skin tones, eye colors, and personal style choices. With wearing our lenses, you can expect a personalized experience to fulfill your expectations. We have thoughtfully curated warm honey tones, subtle grays, and alluring greens, all crafted to assist you in achieving your desired appearance.

Comfort and Quality Assured:In Unicornsbeauty, we give priority to your comfort and safety. Our color contact lenses are specifically designed using premium materials to provide a comfortable and secure fit that lasts all day. With their user-friendly design, they can be effortlessly inserted and removed, catering to both experienced and first-time wearers. In addition, our lenses are FDA-approved, guaranteeing their safety and reliability.

Hey guys! Time for Unicornsbeauty to impart some wisdom on you. How about checking out these amazing and totally rad contact lenses that are all-natural and will make your eyes pop? Trust me, they're a game-changer!

The Allure of Subtle and Nude Colors

Some prefer bold and vibrant hues that make a statement, while others seek a more subtle yet noticeable enhancement to their natural eye color. Maybe you want something a bit subtle but still noticeable?

We have earth-like browns and warming hazels and some of the very best nude colors out there. For those who crave a touch of sophistication and elegance, Unicornsbeauty Aqua Naked Brown Color Contact Lenses are the perfect choice.

Contact Lenses

Not every occasion calls for dramatic eye transformations. Sometimes, you simply want to enhance your natural beauty with a hint of elegance. This is where Aqua Naked Brown Color Contact Lenses come into play. Think dark cacao and a freshly brewed espresso, a deep warming shade that adds depth and allure to your gaze. A completely jaw-dropping color that enhances your natural brown color and adds that extra added detail. They are ideal for those who desire a subtle but noticeable change.

One of the outstanding features of these lenses is their versatility. They are thoughtfully designed to complement every skin tone. Whether you have fair, medium, or deep skin, these lenses effortlessly enhance your natural beauty, bringing out the warmth and richness of your complexion.

Get ready to channel your inner goddess with these amazing lenses! Introducing our captivating Unicornsbeauty Aqua Naked Brown Color Contact Lenses! These enchanting lenses boast a mesmerizing ombre effect, effortlessly transitioning from lighter hazels to rich browns. Experience a touch of sophistication and elegance with these chic lenses and make your eyes the center of attention, designed to complement every skin tone.

The Captivating Power of Warm and Enhancing Color

Contact Lenses

Whether you're enjoying a summer evening or attending a special event, these lenses perfectly help you capture the beauty of a breathtaking sunset.

Impress your friends with our Profound Brown contact lenses. These lenses feature a gorgeous hazel color and a smooth blend, delivering a naturally radiant look to your eyes. With added depth and warmth, the hazel hue enhances the allure of your dark eyes, enchanting all who see them. These lenses are perfect for making your eyes sparkle, just like Rhianna's dazzling diamonds. Whether you're preparing for a special event, a night out with friends, or simply want to elevate your everyday look, these lenses adapt seamlessly.

They inspire self-confidence, empowering you to effortlessly express and showcase your unique style.

So, why hesitate?

Let's dive into the Profound Brown, boldly step into a brighter future. Trust me, it's going to be lit!

Contact Lenses

Meta Green contact lenses are renowned for their enchanting pastel green shade.  Imagine this hue as if it were the color of freshly bloomed leaves and lush spring meadows. It brings a gentle vibrancy to your eyes, radiating positivity and bubbling with life. Choosing this color is like inviting nature's beauty into your everyday look, a delightful touch that guarantees a refreshing and captivating charm.

Ever wish you had magical lenses that could instantly transform your makeup game? Well, meet Meta Green lenses! Picture this: you rock a silvery shimmer eyeshadow shade that perfectly complements the mesmerizing pastel green hue of these lenses. The result? A jaw-dropping contrast that will make heads turn. With Meta Green lenses, your eyes become the center of attention, adding depth and dimension to your overall makeup look.

This shade perfectly matches all skin tones. Take the plunge and embrace the marvelous combination of Meta Green lenses with a silvery shimmer eyeshadow shade for an exquisite.

Vibrant and Luxuriant Colors

These lenses offer a subtle yet captivating touch. They are infused with vibrant magical hues that reflect the enchanting colors of nature, enhancing your eye color. If you're seeking to make a bold statement with your makeup and outfit, these lenses are definitely worth considering.

Leaden Blue contact lenses are ideal for a seawater look.  It looks so natural as a bright blue siren look might be.  Do not worry though these aren’t solely for crazy makeup ideas, you can pair these beautifully with a soft colored outfit to keep the emphasis on your eyes.

Contact Lenses

If you're aiming for a earth-like color, Astro Green color contact lenses offer the ultimate green look. These lenses beautifully emulate the shade of Poison Ivy, making them a top choice for Halloween costumes and a favorite among celebrities.

Astro Green lenses offer a vibrant yet natural green hue that captures the essence of lush greenery. This earthy hue is reminiscent of walking through a lush forest and enjoying the beauty of nature。

Many A-listers and influencers have been spotted wearing these lenses for special occasions, red carpet events and photo shoots. The lenses are also available in various prescription strengths, catering to those who require vision correction while still enjoying the aesthetic benefits.

Contact Lenses

Marked and Bold Colors

Get ready to make a statement with these eye-catching colors that are sure to turn heads. Whether you rock them solo or pair them with a stunning makeup look, these bold shades will add a touch of serious detail. Strike a pose and leave the crowd amazed!

Contact Lenses

Our Miami Blue lenses have a sparkling crystal-like appearance, creating a vibrant and distinctive look. Combining shades of gray and blue, they give your iris a mesmerizing charm. These lenses are suitable for all skin tones, allowing everyone to effortlessly enhance their gaze. Embrace your inner Morpho butterfly with Natural Colors Ice lenses, designed to deliver an enchanting frosted effect with a blend of deep and light blues. Perfect for those aspiring to channel their inner Ice Queen.

Rome Times Gray lenses are a testament to the artistry of enhancing one's gaze.  These unique lenses boast a two-toned blend that effortlessly creates a mystical and enchanting look.

The unique two-toned blend of the Rome Times Gray lenses gives your eyes an air of mystery and enchantment.  It's as if they hold secrets and stories waiting to be discovered.  These lenses are perfect for those who want to make a subtle yet captivating statement with their eyes.

This must-try shade is formed by blending two shades of gray. It is lighter compared to our other gray options, making it suitable for both light and dark-toned eyes.

Contact Lenses

Unicornsbeauty contact lenses have gained immense popularity worldwide. Our Unicornsbeauty lenses possess the remarkable ability to completely transform the deepest and darkest eye shades, while maintaining a natural appearance. Moreover, our range of browns, inspired by earthy tones, allows you to enhance your natural bronze color without straying too far from your original shade. The possibilities are truly endless, making it an exciting experience for everyone.

If you don't want to miss out, worry not! We offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that individuals from all corners of the globe can indulge in the hype. While our lenses primarily serve cosmetic purposes, they can also be customized according to your prescription requirements, allowing you to see in style. We take pride in offering toric color contact lenses for those with astigmatism, ensuring inclusivity for all. Don't forget to tag us in your stunning makeup looks when you receive your contacts - find us on Instagram at Unicornsbeauty.

Understanding Your Natural Eye Color

The colored part of the eye is called the iris. Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris, the type of melanin (eumelanin and pseudomelanin), and the distribution of melanin. The transition from light blue to dark brown is a polygenic inheritance characteristic.

The color of the iris is affected by three main factors: the content of melanin in the iris pigment epithelium, the content of melanin in the iris stroma, and the cell density of the iris stroma. Regardless of the color of the eye, eumelanin is contained in the iris pigment epithelium; and the color variation generally depends on the melanin content in the iris stroma. The density of cells in the iris stroma affects the amount of light that the pigment epithelium can absorb.

Contact Lenses

We delved into the microcosm of our DNA, specifically a pair of genes known as OCA2 and HERC2. These genes, located on chromosome 15, play a key role in determining the color of our eyes by affecting the production of a pigment called melanin.

In the simplest terms, the presence and distribution of melanin in the structures of our eyes (mainly the iris) determines the color we perceive. The iris, the beautifully patterned part of our eye, consists of two layers, the front and the back, both containing cells that produce melanin. The more melanin you have, the darker your eyes will be. Therefore, people with high levels of melanin have brown eyes, while people with low levels of melanin have eyes that are lighter in color, such as blue or green. Gray eyes are caused by a moderate amount of melanin, while hazel eyes have varying amounts of melanin in different parts of the iris.

At one time, brown eyes were considered a "dominant" trait, while blue eyes were considered a "recessive" trait. But modern science has shown that eye color is not as simple as we think. Eye color is not like mixing paint, where you mix your parents' eye colors. Each parent has two pairs of genes on their chromosomes, and there are many possibilities for how this genetic information expresses eye color.

Eye color also changes early in life. Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes that darken during the first three years of life. Darkening of the eyes may be caused by melanin, a brown pigment that is usually absent at birth but slowly increases with age. Children may have eyes of a completely different color than their parents. But if both parents have brown eyes, their children are very likely to have brown eyes. Darker colors tend to be dominant, so brown tends to win over green, and green tends to win over blue.

Some children are born with two irises that are not the same color. Often such a condition, known as heterochromia, develops an abnormal distribution of pigment in utero or shortly after birth as a result of localized trauma, or a benign genetic disorder. Other causes may be inflammation, freckles on the iris (diffuse iris nevus), and Horner's syndrome. If you notice an abnormality in the color of your eyes, do not delay and consult an eye professional immediately.

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