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Grey Contacts: The Visual Language of Generation Z


Hello! Fashionistas of Generation Z! Unicornsbeauty sends you an invitation to experience grey contacts.

In this fast-paced, highly information-based era, Generation Z is like a new plant, emerging in the long river of history with its unique attitude. They are a generation that grew up in the wave of the Internet and globalization, and have unique lifestyles and values. In the multicultural background of Generation Z, grey contacts have become a unique visual language. Grey, a color that is both unassuming and mysterious, perfectly fits the aesthetic tendency of Generation Z to pursue individuality and uniqueness.

This generation, with its diverse social identities, pursuit of a relaxed life, ever-improving taste, emphasis on cost-effectiveness, and pursuit of freshness, individuality and visual excellence, is gradually becoming a new trend in social development. power.


The young people of Generation Z have multiple identities. They are no longer satisfied with a single identity label, but show different selves in different social circles. They pursue a relaxed attitude towards life and have a high pursuit of taste in life. This is not only reflected in food, clothing, housing and transportation, but also in every fashion item they choose. At the same time, Generation Z is also a group that pays attention to cost-effectiveness. They are willing to pay for products that can represent their unique personality without sacrificing quality. While pursuing uniqueness, young people of Generation Z also pay great attention to visual effects. They hope to show their personality and attitude through external dressing.

All in all, in the current social context of information explosion and rapid fashion iteration, Generation Z, as an emerging force, is quietly affecting market changes with its lifestyle, consumption concepts, and aesthetic trends.

So, next, follow in the footsteps of Unicornsbeauty and let’s take a look at how grey contacts have become a fashion item that Generation Z is willing to consume!


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Grey contacts give Generation Z the superpower to travel through different circles

Street culture? Two-dimensional circle? Pop Culture? Or the gaming circle? Dear friends of Generation Z, which circle do you come from?

The young people of Generation Z like to show multiple selves in different social environments. They are both inheritors of traditional culture and innovators of modern civilization. grey contacts, as a fashionable choice, exactly reflect their process of seeking self-identity in multicultural society. It not only adds to their mystery and appeal, but is also a silent declaration that they not only respect tradition, but also dare to challenge the status quo and pursue self-breakthrough. Friends of Generation Z are often not limited to one circle. They often appear in various circles and are intertwined into a complete self.


For example, you may see Generation Z skateboarding freely on the streets in the morning, and then transform into a cosplay expert in the two-dimensional circle in the afternoon. That's not surprising, is it? Because the young people of Generation Z are not willing to simply define themselves by one circle or identity.

Consuming fashionable items that represent circle culture is the proof for Generation Z to quickly enter the circle. Having a pair of gorgeous grey contacts is a must-have fashion item for you to enter the two-dimensional circle.


For instance, you can boldly try wearing Aqua Naked Grey, a contact lens that makes you look like you are a character from a comic book.

It can be said that Unicornsbeauty’s grey contacts series is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most convenient ways for you to join different circles.

Try wearing Leaden Grey, a pair of grey contacts with super coverage, which will make you feel like you really have grey eyes. Coupled with the light grey fashion sense, it will instantly draw you into the circle of trendy culture.

Wearing grey contacts, they seem to have the superpower to shuttle between different circles and identities. Whether it is in-depth discussions in the academic hall or free expression in cultural exchanges, they can freely show their independent thinking and unique opinion.


Grey contacts make the life of Generation Z full of relaxation without losing a sense of ritual.

Grey contacts always give people a simple and low-key yet stylish atmosphere. In this fast-paced era, young people of Generation Z often go against the times. They enjoy a slow-paced, relaxed and pleasant living, working and learning environment.

Young people of Generation Z pay more attention to the quality and depth of life. Wearing grey contacts is not only about pursuing external beauty, but also about finding inner peace and satisfaction.

 Grey is a color that is neither strong nor dull. It seems to have a magical power that can relieve the pressure of life and bring a sense of tranquility and relaxation, allowing you to be intoxicated in the hustle and bustle of the city, the busy streets, and the feasting nights. The city feels a completely different kind of beauty that is refreshing and soothing.

grey contacts


After busy study and work, the young people of Generation Z who wear grey contacts are either walking on the streets or enjoying a cup of afternoon tea with friends. Their eyes are full of the tranquility brought by grey. and profound. Looking into such eyes, you will unconsciously be immersed in each other's gaze, chatting about life freely, and create a quiet space for yourself.

Imagine wearing Unspoken Grey. When you meet other people's eyes, your eyes seem to be magical, and they will unconsciously reveal a cool and tranquil temperament. It looks like a casual and casual life, but it also has a touch of elegance. This is a match that is in line with the visual aesthetics of Generation Z.

grey contacts

Unspoken Grey


Grey contacts: Improving the life taste of Generation Z

With the development of society, the living conditions of Generation Z have also been greatly improved, which makes them gradually begin to pay more attention to the improvement of their quality of life while pursuing material satisfaction.

Grey contacts play an important role in this process. Unicornsbeauty grey contacts series is not only a popular fashion item, but also one of the ways for Generation Z to show their unique taste and aesthetics.

By carefully selecting grey contacts that match their personal style, young people of Generation Z silently demonstrate their pursuit of beauty and high requirements for quality of life.


If you are a reserved and quiet person, then please imagine this scene with me: a book, a cup of latte, a ray of warm sunshine before dusk, and a person with whom you have a great time chatting. My close friend was sitting outside a café on the corner of a London street. Wearing Pandora Grey, quietly looking at the distant scenery, your calm temperament can be seen at a glance.


One thing that young people of Generation Z dosen’t lack is vitality. They seem to have endless strength and are always full of energy. Even if they are about to run out, they can find a charger immediately. The lively and active Generation Z always has a pair of bright eyes. If paired with Pearl Grey, your eyes will be like stars in the dark night, as bright and moving as pearls in the sea. This grey contact lens is an indispensable fashion item for the energetic Generation Z and is your best choice.


Unicornsbeauty Cost-effective grey contacts: the fashionable first choice for smart Generation Z

High cost performance is one of the important criteria for Generation Z to pay for fashion. In the eyes of Generation Z, the pursuit of cost-effective fashion products is a kind of wisdom in life. Therefore, no Gen Z fashionista would miss out on attractive yet affordable fashion items, right?

Unicornsbeauty grey contacts have become the first choice for the fashion pioneers of Generation Z with their unique charm, reasonable price and high sense of fashion.

My dear Generation Z friends, have you seen it? Unicornsbeauty now has sales offers beyond your imagination!


10 for $99.00 USD($9.99/pair)

Get 3 for the price of 2;

Get 6 for the price of 3;

Get 8 for the price of 4.

Unicornsbeauty grey contacts not only satisfy personalized display and visual aesthetics, but also take into account economic and practicality. This just right balance inadvertently meets the basic requirements of Generation Z for consumer goods. While enjoying the fun brought by fashion, they will not ignore the consideration of product cost-effectiveness. This wise consumption attitude is unique to the young people of Generation Z, and shows the rational yet emotional attitude of young people of Generation Z. one side.

Therefore, young people of Generation Z, don’t hesitate to choose Unicornsbeauty grey contacts as your daily essential fashion item!

Grey Contacts Lookbook

Browse our favorite styles and looks to pair with grey contacts. Whether you’re looking to glam up your look or to complement your natural beauty with your eye color, our line-up of beautiful grey contacts are sure to have the perfect tone for you.

Grey contacts: a speaker for Generation Z to express themselves

YOLO is one of the mottos of Generation Z. You only live once. In this short period of time, Generation Z yearns for a life that is full of vitality, unique, with distinctive personality characteristics, and most importantly, visually enjoyable!

In this era where vision is king, the young people of Generation Z are undoubtedly the best at using visual elements to express themselves, and grey contacts are their best choice. Through the unique visual effects brought by grey contacts, such as light grey and dark grey contacts, one makes you feel bright and generous, and the other makes you feel cold and deep. Generation Z can perfectly display own charm. On different occasions and in different moods, Generation Z often carefully chooses their outfits, and eyes are the best tool to convey emotions. Therefore, young people of Generation Z will also pay attention to the choice of grey contacts. Consider carefully.

Adventurers are the real artists among the young people of Generation Z. They use aesthetics, design and practical actions to break the constraints of social conventions, and like to use beauty to subvert tradition. You might as well try wearing Wildness Wolf Grey. This pair of grey contacts is a perfect match for the bold, avant-garde Generation Z who pursues breakthroughs. Wearing Wildness Wolf Grey, your eyes will be like the bravest wolf in the forest. You set the rules of the times and you are the pioneer of fashion!

Every careful selection of grey contacts shows Generation Z’s love for life, pursuit of individuality and yearning for beauty. This is not only the pursuit of external beauty, but also a reflection of the inner world. It shows the spirit of the young people of Generation Z who dare to explore and express themselves.


Unicornsbeauty grey contacts and the journey of Generation Z have just begun. We welcome the fashionistas of Generation Z to choose your unique grey contacts.

In this era belonging to Generation Z, grey contacts are not just a simple fashion item, but also a life attitude and a cultural symbol. It not only reflects Generation Z’s tolerance for multiculturalism, their yearning for a relaxed life, their pursuit of high-quality life, and their shrewd choice of cost-effective products, but also demonstrates their unremitting pursuit of freshness, individuality and visual excellence.

In this diverse and complex society, Generation Z writes its own story with grey contacts, observes the world from a unique perspective, and paints life with different colors. They are influencing the world and shaping the future in their own way.


Seattle Grey


Wildness Wolf Grey


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