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Blue Contacts: The Dreamy Blue Sea Blends In With Your Eyes


Have you ever thought that you can fit an ocean in your eyes? We offer a blue series of contacts that can make your eyes as deep as a dreamy blue ocean. Try blue contacts! When you put them on, it's as if the ocean naturally melts into your eyes. They can make your eyes as delicate as Barbie's, as gentle as a Ragdoll cat's, or even as a mermaid princess in the deep sea. If you want your look to be versatile, you can't go wrong with blue contacts! With matching makeup and hair color, you will be the most unique presence at the party!

As a leader in the beauty industry, Unicornsbeauty has carefully selected a range of the most popular blue contact lenses such as Barbie blue, profound blue, Allure Love slate blue and so on. You can choose any type of blue contact lens to match your desired look. For every beauty girl, they are essential as they can show your personality, complement various styles, and make you eye-catching.

Unicornsbeauy's contact lenses can easily blend around the eyes when worn, adding visual appeal to the contours of the eyes. It is known for its bright and charming blue color with unique charm. Its color saturation and vividness make it outstanding in various lighting conditions, especially suitable for parties and night activities. Join our journey and discover Unicornsbeauty's best-selling blue contact lenses, each of which will give you charming eyes and a versatile appearance.

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What Blue Contacts Make You Look Like?

With blue contacts, you can have a versatile look. Whether you want to be a delicate Barbie doll, a cute Muppet cat, or a regal mermaid princess, unicornsbeauty's blue contacts will fulfill your needs and allow girls to be what they want to be.

The Much-loved Barbie Doll

Barbie is the most popular doll of the 20th century. Every girl around the world dreamed of being Barbie in her childhood. Barbie's blonde curly hair and deep, mesmerizing big blue eyes are what many girls dream of. With Unicornsbeauty's Barbie blue contacts, you can make your dream a reality and exude Barbie-like charm!

Barbie Blue Contact Lenses are an extraordinary and revolutionary product in the world of medical contact lenses. These focal points are arranged to add an unexpected and exquisite Barbie blue color to your vision, adding a unique and captivating color to your vision. Add a touch of Barbie blue to your eyeballs! Choose Unicorn Beauty's Barbie Blue contact lenses, even ordinary girls can achieve their Barbie dreams!

blue contacts

Tame Ragdoll Cat

The Muppet Cat has big beautiful blue eyes that are always watery like a clear lake, making it feel like a soft and gentle Muppet. Wearing Unicornsbeauty's blue contact lenses can instantly transform you into a Muppet cat with a gentle and serene personality that people can't help but love.

Unicornsbeauty's Profound Blue contact lenses bring a touch of individuality and fun to the world of eye beautification, with their alluring color, comfort, and flexibility, allowing you to experience the captivating perfection of deep blue in your appearance. Blue contact lenses can make your eyes as deep and mysterious as a deep lake, making people want to find out the mystery through your eyes, while at the same time making your eyes as clear as a kitten's eyes.

Mermaid Princess of the Sea

The mermaid of German legends and poems appears on the banks of the Rhine in the dark of day, attracting passing fishermen with her cool, poignant appearance and sad song. With unicornsbeauty's Allure Love slate blue contact lenses, your eyes will unleash the divine, perfect, and timeless charm of the mermaid princess.Unicornsbeauty's Allure Love slate blue color contact lenses bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to eye corrections.

Unicornsbeauty's Allure Love Slate Blue colored contact lenses offer exquisite color, reliability, and adaptability, allowing you to incorporate the undeniable charm of Allure Love Slate Blue into your needs. With these lenses, you'll be able to showcase the sophistication and beauty of your Allure Love Slate Blue colored contact lens blue eyes. Want to transform into a mythical mermaid? Do you want to have a noble and unique look and an exciting beauty? Then Allure Love Slate Blue colored contact lenses can definitely fulfill your desire.


Barbie Blue

Original price was: $38.99.Current price is: $26.99.

Profound Blue

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $19.99.

Allure Love Slate Blue

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $9.99.

Blue Colored Contact Lens With Your Hair Color

Choosing the right hair color with blue contacts will take your entire look to the next level and achieve a complementary look. So let's take a look at some hair colors that work well with blue contacts.


Light-colored hair like Light gold,silver grey

Elegant light brown, soft blonde hair, whether it is curly or straight hair, with blue contacts, can make your temperament change into a cool and noble iceberg beauty. Light-colored hair and blue contacts can be said to complement each other. Blue contacts for your cool noble temperament to add a touch of mystery, so that your eyes as if the ocean elves generally have a unique magic, and in turn the light-colored hair system appears to make blue contacts more deep and charming.



Bright-Color Hair Like bright red, orange and other bright colors

The blue contacts which can bring a sense of mystery as well as a sense of playfulness always remind people of the legend of the blue sea and fairy tale princesses, more suitable for with red, orange and other bright hair color collocation. such a collocation allows you to transform into a beautiful mermaid princess Ariel who aspires to adventure and romance. Orange-red hair like burning clouds, like the burning flames in the sky. The whole sky is dominated by orange-red color. Let your hair match the sky of the evening music festival and add a touch of romance to the festival.

Dark-Color Hair Like Dark Brown and Dark Teal

If you want to present yourself with a sexy and mature temperament, then you can't miss the matching combination of blue contact lenses and dark hair color, which accentuates your mature temperament.

Let you transform into a Mediterranean woman, for your makeup to bring a kind of feeling as if you are on the Mediterranean beach, enjoying the warm sunshine. This kind of modeling can make you in the low-key, but also can show your unique temperament, in the street can also get 100% sales. If you are a dark hair color, choose blue contacts to match it, you will not feel disappointed!


Makeup Recommendations for Music Festivals with Blue Contact Lenses

Music festival season is upon us, so how do you stand out from the crowd and turn heads while partying hard? No matter how versatile your look is, a pair of blue contacts is sure to make you one of the brightest stars in the crowd! This versatile lens exudes cool sophistication and elegant glamour, allowing you to enjoy unlimited style.

Whether you're looking for a sleek and chic look or a glamorous and playful vibe, blue contacts have you covered. With their unique charm and unpredictable style, blue color contacts shine in the wave of eye fashion and become the treasure of countless girls who pursue a hundred different looks. The matching makeup emphasizes the value of blue color contacts even more. A blue contact is not only a choice of color, but also a way of life, a unique insight and a deep understanding of beauty.

Let's unravel the mystery behind blue pupil and explore its unique charm.Wear unicornsbeauty's newest blue contacts with your favorite makeup look!


American Vintage Freckle Makeup

To become an American sweetheart, you can follow these steps to complete your makeup. You should first choose a warm-colored foundation that matches your skin color.You can use an eyebrow pencil and brush to draw clear eyebrows while maintaining a lusterless.You can apply clay colored eye shadow on the eyelids and use the same color to draw deep eye sockets.

You can apply pink rouge on the cheeks to add a sense of loveliness to your appearance and apply nude pink lipstick on the lips to make you look natural. The core of this design is freckles of varying sizes at the central point of the face. Finally, with the charming Barbie Blue contact lenses, this American retro freckle makeup is completed. This makeup look paired with Barbie Blue contact lenses from Unicornsbeauty will definitely make you a sweetheart in the United States and attract millions of people at music festivals.

Eyeliner with a cat-eye uplift

Unicornsbeauty’s cat eye makeup and blue contact lenses are definitely a perfect match. You can use a smooth eyeliner pencil to outline the a cat-eye uplift, which will lengthen your eyes and visually enlarge them. This brings a dominant and confident appearance to the overall makeup look. Paired with deep blue contact lenses as deep as the sea, your eyes will be seductive and charming like a sexy kitten, making you stand out in the crowd. At the music festival, your charming eyes will surely attract countless people.


Color Clash Eyeshadow

You can choose your favorite yet coordinated eyeshadow to go with unicornsbeauty’s Barbie blue contact lenses. Different colors of eyeshadow collide with different styles to bring a playful, fun and cute feeling and add a different glow to your makeup. The clashing colors of yellow and green make your eye makeup as refreshing as a summer lemonade.

The addition of pearlescent accents will transform your eye makeup from soda pop to a deep sea elf look. Blue and purple with blue pupils will instantly turn you into a unicorn. In short, Barbie blue contacts on clashing eye makeup will add mystery to your eyes, contrast with playful and fun eye makeup, and make you a unique presence at music festivals.

Fine glitter around the eyes

If you want to stand out from the crowd at a music festival, a bling-bling look is indispensable. If you want your eye makeup to sparkle, then we can use broken bricks, small pearls and various colors of sequins to embellish them around your eyes, and then put on the Allure Love Ice blue contacts of unicornsbeauty, so that your eye makeup is not only like sprinkling a bit of starlight on the surface of the sea, but also like a buried treasure to be excavated at the bottom of the sea.

The eye makeup is like a dreamy starlight on the surface of the sea, or like a treasure buried under the sea. Needless to say, this "Fantasy Eye Makeup" is sure to be on your favorites list immediately!


Angeles Urban Blue

Original price was: $46.99.Current price is: $28.99.

Barbie Blue

Original price was: $38.99.Current price is: $26.99.

Angeles Green

Original price was: $38.99.Current price is: $26.99.

Angeles Blue

Original price was: $38.99.Current price is: $26.99.

Blue contacts can be worn with a variety of looks to make you the center of attention wherever you go. Whether you want the sweet Barbie look, the gentle kitten look, or the gorgeous mermaid princess look, blue contacts can meet your needs. They make your eyes as deep and mesmerizing as the sea, making people want to look into your eyes for something, and they add mystery and beauty to your look.

So, are you ready to board Unicornsbeauty's journey and discover the secrets of blue contacts? Trust me, you will want your own blue color contacts.Don't hesitate to come to unicornsbeauty's store to buy blue contacts that will go with your versatile look!

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