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Wearing and Removing Contact Lenses: Step-by-Step Guide

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Wow, for those wearing contact lenses for the first time, do you find it challenging to put them in? Holding the lenses hesitantly, slowly approaching your eyes, are you afraid? Are you close your eyes directly? All of these reactions are normal. Don’t worry about it, because Unicornsbeauty is here to provide you with a proper tutorial, guiding you to wear and remove contact lenses safely and effectively. How about learning together?

Wearing and Removing Contact Lenses

Table of Contents

Approaches about How to Wear Contact Lenses:

Step 1: Hand Hygiene

Start by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water. Use a clean towel or tissue to dry your hands as water on your hands can cause the contact lenses to slip.

Step 2: Clean the Mirror

Choose a well-lit area and clean the mirror for better visibility on the course of wearing lenses, facilitating an easier experience.


Step 3: Prepare the Lens

Take out a lens from the packaging box. Inspect the lens to ensure it’s clean and undamaged. Differentiate between the correct and reverse sides of the lens.

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Step 4: Putting on the Lens

Facing the mirror, place the contact lens on the fingertip of your right hand. Of course, your left hand is also appropriate, because using which hand depends on your habit.

Use the middle finger of your right hand to hold down the lower eyelid and the middle finger of your left hand to hold the edge of the upper eyelid.

Look up, pulling the upper and lower eyelids apart to expose the entire cornea (the black part of your eye).

Slowly insert the lens into your eye, and after the lens is in your eye, slowly release your hands from holding the upper and lower eyelids.

By the way, using a tool for inserting or removing contact lenses is acceptable. It’s important to ensure that the tool is cleaned thoroughly before and after each use. Additionally, it’s recommended to replace the tool every three months to maintain proper hygiene and reduce the risk of eye infections or complications.

Step 6: Close Your Eyes or Blink Gently

Gently close your eyes, rotate your eyeballs, or blink naturally multiple times to ensure the lens naturally settles in the center of the cornea. If the lens is misaligned, you can use your finger to adjust its position.

Step 7: Repeat the Above Steps for the Other Eye

Finally, take a look in the mirror and admire your beauty. Your complete lens-wearing process is now ending.

Tips for Removing Contact Lenses:

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

The same as the process for wearing lenses, start by thoroughly washing your hands and drying them with a towel or tissue. So to make sure our hands are clean is important for us.


Step 2: Gently Move the Lens with Fingers

Many people directly pinch the contact lens on the cornea, which is the wrong method.

Forcefully removing the lens when the contact lens is dry and tightly attached can cause corneal epithelial damage.

Moreover, your fingernails might directly harm the cornea, so regularly trimming your fingernails is essential.

The correct method is to gently slide the lens down to the white part of the eye (similar to flipping your eyelid) to protect the cornea well. Remember, the action should be gentle. To remove the lens, look up with your eyes, and then use your thumb and index finger together to pinch the lens out gently.

Alternatively, looking inward with your eye, slide the lens to the outer side, at this point, the lens is not closely adhered to the eyeball.

Step 3: Repeat the Above Steps for the Other Eye

Step 4: Clean the Lens

First, wash your hands with soap or hand wash, then dry them before cleaning the lens. If it’s a daily disposable lens, discard it.

Step 5: Store the Lens in a Contact Lens Case Soaked with Care Solution

Speak the crucial tip three times!

Don’t forget to use Care Solution.

Don’t forget to use Care Solution.

Don’t forget to use Care Solution.

Ignoring this step may cause the lenses to dry out!

After completing the above steps, you can confidently rub your eyes to help them relax

Wearing and removing contact lenses requires meticulous attention to hygiene to avoid bacterial infections, eye inflammations, or keratitis. Practice is key to mastering the skill of handling contact lenses.

Many things in the world require experimentation, including being beautiful. Beauty needs a process due to it will not come overnight.

Wearing and Removing Contact Lenses

Now that you have step-by-step guidance, remember that practice makes perfect. Mastering the skill of wearing and removing contact lenses takes multiple attempts and summaries. Please don’t get discouraged and keep practicing. Come and experience Unicornsbeauty’s colored contact lenses, they will be excellent companions for your beauty.

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