We believe in quality first and anything else second

Since we want our products to be as safe as possible for all of you, we at Unicornsbeauty are committed to providing top-tier quality contact lenses with our products all carried CE marked and ISO approved. With more than 30 years of experience within the industry, we ensure that our contact lenses are made of high quality every step of the way.

Factory-to-consumer (F2C) with responsible manners

We are proud to have the power of having a complete, professional in-house manufacturing system to produce, develop high-quality, variety products for our customers from all over the world. We ticked all the requirement boxes:

Over 30 years industry experience
EU Standard of Production
3 highly standardized production line
FDA & CE & ISO13485 certificated

An established system that guarantees our quality control
Our quality control steps include :

Laboratory double review
Production line supervision and inspection
17 times magnification surface defect inspection
Our in-house production also utilizes more advanced technology and equipment for optimizing high-quality production and ensure high-level of product safety, including :

The fourth-generation PLC panel color pad printing machine
Artificial intelligence mold production line
Online real-time monitoring, online automatic disinfection

Distinguish real contact lenses from fakes? You can trust us
1.These lenses should be manufactured in a clean environment using state-of-the-art equipment since colored contact lenses belong to medical equipment that is highly regulated by the government. Only those suppliers who have been granted a license for this specific category of products can supply you with their license.

2.It’s important to always ask the person you’re purchasing your colored contact lenses from for an eye lens registration number. If they don’t, then choosing another option might be your best bet!

3.It’s vital when purchasing contact lenses online that you do your research. If possible, don’t just go by what they say about their products – check legitimate testimonials from people who have actually tried them themselves!

4.Look for an advanced material label if the package they came in doesn’t have one already.

5.Authentic contact lenses will often show their vivid colors. Their thin lens is transparent and doesn’t have any specks of impurities on it even after absorbing some moisture. Their edge is also smooth with no streaks on its surface. On the other hand, fake lenses will not look like this. The fake contact lenses should be broken and streak. It can be too hard and unable to completely absorb water. The lens may be mildewy and smell awful.

Risk of wearing poor quality contact lenses :

Many people may underestimate the consequences that fake contact lenses could cause. It was estimated around 1/500 users in the US got eyes infections out of using fake contact lenses or wearing them wrongly. Fake or fake colored contact lenses could be dangerous or uncomfortable to wear and can even damage your eyes. Fake contact lenses, pose health risks, including:

Cuts or scratches to the top layer of the eyeball (corneal abrasions)
Allergic reactions (e.g., itchy, watery, red eyes)
Impaired vision, infections, and blindness.

Safety is our first priority!
Unicornsbeauty.com is a one-stop online shop for colored contact lenses that has everything you need! We have a wide variety of colorful contact lenses for different occasions, giving you the option to choose the most suitable one for you, thanks to our superb manufacturing capacity, and quality. Envisioned as a global brand, we strive to deliver our top-notch customer services to as many people as possible from different places in the world. To provide you the best shopping experience, we put your safety and needs first, anything else second. Our team support is always online 24/7 for any of your concerns. If you ever have any questions about our products or about caring for your eyes, don’t hesitate to ask us! It’s important to us that we provide all of our customers with quality products they will love. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Try it yourself now.