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Subtle Elegance: Natural Blue Contact Lenses for a Real Look

Blue Contact Lenses

In a world where the eyes are the windows to the soul, the mesmerizing beauty found in the smallest details is demonstrated by the enticing charm of naturally blue eyes. For a very long time, people have valued blue eyes for their ethereal color and the alluring aura they confer upon those who are lucky enough to have them.

The Unicornsbeauty brand is committed to providing the best blue contact lenses that flawlessly mix comfort and style. It is more than just a moniker. As you delve deeper into the Unicornsbeauty collection, you’ll discover a range of blue tones, from the palest cerulean blue to the deepest sapphire. Our brand has the perfect tint to go with your mood and style, whether you want a dramatic or subtle makeover. Allow your eyes to convey a tale, arouse feelings, and leave a lasting impression on the hearts of those you meet. Every blink becomes a stroke when you have Unicornsbeauty around, creating a stunning picture exclusively for you.

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Popular Natural Blue Contact Lenses

The rise in popularity of natural blue contact lenses in recent years makes sense. For individuals who opt to wear these alluring lenses, they offer a life-changing experience that goes beyond appearances and explores the emotional realm, igniting curiosity and confidence.

Our Unicornsbeauty brand, which has won over beauty fans all over the world with its line of naturally blue contact lenses, has been at the forefront of this trend. It’s not just an aesthetic upgrade; each pair is a voyage of self-discovery, a mirror of uniqueness, and a celebration of the various stories seen through our eyes. Not only do our natural blue contact lenses have vivid colors, but they also evoke emotions that make them endearing.

Consider the experience of wearing contact lenses that would instantaneously transform your eyes into a stunning blue sea. It’s not just a straightforward color change—it also sends a powerful message about self-expression, confidence, and self-worth.


Unicornsbeauty Tiffany Blue Contacts

tiffany blue.jpg

Tiffany Blue is one of our most well-liked collections. This demonstrates the significant impact blue eyes have on a person’s overall appearance and personality. These lenses produce a depth that portrays the expanse of the ocean by skillfully blending several tones of blue. The wearer is more than simply visible; they are unforgettable and make a lasting impression on everyone they come into contact with.

Sophisticatedly Designed Tiffany Blue lenses are composed of HEMA, a material that prioritizes comfort over style. Your eyes will feel soft and elegantly enveloped when you wear these lenses, serving as a gentle reminder that comfort should never be sacrificed for beauty. The 8.6mm base curve guarantees a precise fit and smoothly conforms to the eye’s inherent curvature.

It goes beyond simply switching up the hues. The goal is to bring attention to our inner beauty. With a 0.08mm thickness, the lens feels delicate to the touch and adds to the overall lightweight sensation, making wearing it stylish and effortless.

Explore Tiffany Blue and learn that it’s more than just lenses when you open the package. Find your emotional resonance and embrace your uniqueness. Your eyes become a window into your emotions when you wear Unicornsbeauty Tiffany Blue, allowing everyone to see the captivating symphony of your gaze.

Unicornsbeauty Kingira Blue Contacts

Weixin Image_20230721212407.jpgThe Kingira Blue line provides delicate blue undertones that evoke carefree summertime days for those seeking a more understated update. These lenses captivate the spectator with minute yet powerful shifts in appearance, lending a hint of mystery and interest to the eye.

40% of it is water Comfort is given priority without compromising style with Kingira Blue lenses. You will experience a calming hug when you adorn your eyes with these lenses—as if the lenses themselves are aware of how to look fantastic and feel wonderful at the same time.

The Kingira Blue lens gives off an irresistible appeal. Her captivating ringed eyes beckon admirers into enchanted, deep blue pools. It goes beyond simply altering the hue of her eyes. It’s about expressing feelings that words cannot convey and uncovering new facets of your identity.

You can sense Kingira Blue’s understanding of the emotional relationship between confidence and beauty in every detail of the brand. Enter a universe where every eyeblink is a brushstroke of emotion and your eyes tell the story. Allow Kingira Blue Lens to accompany you on this amazing voyage of enchantment and self-discovery.

Kingira Blue

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $16.99.

Unicornsbeauty Pandora Blue Contacts

kingira blue.jpg

Presenting Pandora Blue, a vision full of charm and emotion that will give a hint of magic to your eyes, is a proud offering from UnicornBeauty. These lenses are more than just regular eyeglasses; they’re a voyage of self-discovery, encased in colors that echo cosmic wonders. Experience the allure of Pandora Blue, where beauty and affordability collide.

Not only is Pandora Blue superior in terms of quality, but it is also more widely available. Since UnicornBeauty believes that everyone should be able to afford beauty, we provide Pandora Blue at a reasonable price. It’s an ode to diversity and a call for everyone to discover the power of transformational looks via the deep colors of Pandora Blue.

When you wear Pandora Blue, you’ll enter a world where style and affordability coexist. The lenses provide the ideal balance of affordability and style, enabling you to showcase your beauty without going over budget. It serves as a reminder that beauty is a mirror of your inner feelings, brought to life through the alluring Pandora Blue lenses, and is not limited by a price tag.

Pandora Blue is more than simply a color in UnicornBeauty lingo; it’s a sentimental sonnet composed of stardust that beckons you to delve into the depths of your celestial feelings. With Pandora Blue as your ethereal guide, embrace the wonder and let your eyes become the storytellers as you dance across space.

Participate in this movement, savor the emotions that come with donning blue eye makeup, and let Unicornsbeauty be your reliable guide on this transformative path of self-expression. It’s not only about changing the color of your eyes, after all. It’s about allowing your look to become an expressive and beautiful work of art, and about accepting the feelings that blossom with each eyeblink.

How to Choose Suitable Natural Blue Contact Lenses

Natural skin tone

Many people, including influencers, choose blue contacts since they naturally go well with a variety of skin tones. The blue tones bring out the natural shine of your face and make for a striking mix. Blue contacts can help you stand out from the crowd and enthrall others around you, whether you’re attending a particular event or just want to upgrade your look.

Light Natural Skin Tone:

Unicornsbeauty Unspoken Blue

Weixin Image_20230804224325.jpg

Selecting the ideal contact lenses involves more than just making a choice. It’s an opportunity to explore your inner brilliance and go on a voyage of self-expression. Bright, natural skin tones are drawn to Unicornsbeauty’s Unspoken Blue contact lenses, which provide a symphony of beauty that melds perfectly with your aura. It’s a brushstroke that makes your eyes seem emotional. Unspoken Blue is a palette of lovely tones that are just ready to be embellished on a canvas that matches your natural skin tone.

These lenses are elegant and produce a color dance that accentuates your skin’s subtle tones. As you imagine your special occasion, allow these glasses to transform into enchanted portals that lead your vision into otherworldly places. Consider the scene’s atmosphere, which includes the faint hints of emotion, the soft glow of the lights, and the laughter in the air. Unspoken Blue is not merely a hue.

It’s a delicate touch, a subtlety that draws attention without taking away from the core of your identity. The people who glimpse your captivating eyes are the only ones who know that these lenses are an integral part of your identity.

Let your look convey the silent messages of your soul through these lenses, which serve as mirrors reflecting your inner beauty of you. It’s important to keep in mind that selecting Unspoken Blue to complement your fair, natural skin tone is more than just a decision. The emotional commitment is to bring out the spectacular in every appearance.

Unicornsbeauty Flirting Blue

Blue Contact lenses

Begin by considering your natural skin tone as a blank canvas. A range of delicate hues just begging to be paired with Unicornsbeauty’s Flirting Blue, Envision the nuanced interaction between your skin and the lenses, producing a harmonious blend of hues that accentuates your inner brightness.

It’s a passionate dance that captures the spirit and feeling of the location. These contacts entice people into the magic of your sight by adding a hint of mystery and seduction. Let’s talk about the nuances of perversion. The theme of “Flirting Blue” isn’t a significant shift. It’s all about enhancing that preexisting natural appeal.

These lenses embody a gentle caress, a refined touch that enhances your gaze without obscuring your true self. Let them be an extension of your personality and a playful expression of your inner spirit. Let’s think about the lasting effects. Unicornsbeauty’s Flirting Blue isn’t limited to fleeting moments.

Remember that selecting Flirting Blue by Unicornsbeauty to go with your fair, natural skin tone is more than simply an option. It implies an emotional commitment to the enchantment of your sight. Put this lens under a covert spell to bring out your flirting and playful side and let your eyes speak the language of your feelings. There’s more to selecting Flirting Blue than just a lens. Every stare becomes a captivating dance of appeal and connection because of the magic.

Medium Natural Skin Tone

Unicornsbeauty Meta Blue Contacts

ChoBlue Contact lensesosing the right contact lenses is like embarking on a journey of self-discovery, and with Unicornsbeauty’s Meta Blue, which is designed for people with medium natural skin tones, this journey becomes an emotional exploration. These lenses are more than just an accessory.

They are proof of the way you are letting go of the look. Consider your neutral, natural skin tone canvas as you begin your introspective voyage. Meta Blue hues that have the power to transform are just waiting to be applied to this canvas. Envision a soft tumbling of hues, a mutually beneficial partnership between lenses and skin. Make an artistic symphony that accentuates your inherent attractiveness. These lenses are not merely a choice. They are a manifestation of your distinct spirit.

meta blue.jpgConsider the mood of the upcoming moments: the build-up, the shared laughing, the memories made. Meta Blue by Unicornsbeauty is more than just a shift in hue. It’s a tune that encapsulates the spirit of the event and has an emotional connection. With a hint of sensuality, these lenses entice people to share in the enchantment that emanates from your look. Let’s talk about the nuances of change.

Keep in mind that selecting Unicornsbeauty’s Meta Blue for your medium-natural skin tone is not a personal decision. It involves an emotional commitment to the enchantment of your gaze. Make use of these lenses as triggers to reveal the feelings, narratives, and distinct beauty that define your identity. There are other reasons to select Meta Blue besides lenses. It’s about working a spell that makes every look on your face a riveting representation of who you are.

Unicornsbeauty Earthlight Blue Contacts

Blue Contact lensesStart this soulful journey by imagining a canvas of your medium-natural skin tone, a palette waiting to be illuminated by the cosmic glow of earth-light blues. Imagine a gentle fusion of colors, and lenses seamlessly integrated into your skin, creating a visual masterpiece that celebrates the unique beauty you possess. These lenses are more than just an option. They are an ode to your individuality.

Think about the ambiance of the moment that is about to begin: the shared memories, the laughter, and the anticipation of what will happen. Earthlight Blue by Unicornsbeauty is more than just a shift in hue. It is a wonderful song with an emotional resonance that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the location. Others are drawn to see across your line of sight into the universe by the captivating touch of these lenses.

5.jpgEarthlight Blue by Unicornsbeauty is not just for ephemeral times. We created a moment that rises to the stars in the memory sky. These lenses are more than simply jewelry; they are made to be comfortable and long-lasting. They are devoted friends, exchanging smiles, happy moments, and chapters that turn into priceless tales from life’s novels.

Keep in mind that selecting Unicornsbeauty’s Earthlight Blue for your medium-natural skin tone is more than just a decision. It’s an emotional investment in the cosmos’ wonder that you are gazing upon. Allow these lenses to serve as windows into the feelings, narratives, and distinct cosmic beauty that make you who you are. You don’t only select Earthlight Blue because of the lenses. It’s about working magic that turns every utterance into a celestial manifestation of the individual.

Earthlight Blue

Original price was: $48.99.Current price is: $28.99.

Flirting Blue

Original price was: $48.99.Current price is: $28.99.

Unspoken Blue

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $26.99.

Meta Blue

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $28.99.

Dark Natural Skin Tone

Unicornsbeauty Waldosia Bluebell

waldosia blue bell.jpg

Think about the mood that lies ahead: the shared laughter, the anticipation, the memories that are just waiting to be made. Waldosia Bluebell from Unicornsbeauty is more than just a color shift. It’s a poignant tune with an emotional resonance that perfectly encapsulates the moment.

Through the poetic charm that emerges from your sight, others will fall in love with these lenses since they are filled with the essence of enchantment. Think about the nuances of the change. Waldosia Bluebell does not intend to make significant alterations. It’s all about amplifying your natural wealth reserves. These glasses are about loving who you are, giving a soft touch, and subtly lifting your gaze.

Allow them to serve as a window into your soul and a manifestation of the profound beauty that emancipates you. Think about long-term consequences. Waldosia Bluebell from Unicornsbeauty is more than simply a fad. crafted for those times that turn into a book chapter in your book. These lenses are more than simply jewelry; they are made to be comfortable and long-lasting.

They are devoted friends who will make you laugh, share happy moments, and tell tales that will help you write the magnificent tale of your life. Use these lenses as your brushstrokes to illustrate the feelings, narratives, and distinct beauty that define who you are. There are more options for Waldosia bluebells besides lentils. It’s about working a spell that turns every expression on one’s face into a beautiful representation of who they are.

Unicornsbeauty Miami Blue

Weixin Image_20230721211159.jpg

Selecting the ideal contact lenses requires an intriguing trip akin to exploring the poetry of self-discovery. These are not merely accessories; they are made especially for those with natural skin tones that are darker. These expressive brushstrokes accentuate your work of artistic brilliance. Think about the nuances of the change.

Miami Blue does not imply a significant shift. It’s all about amplifying your natural wealth reserves. These glasses are about loving who you are, giving a soft touch, and subtly lifting your gaze. Allow them to serve as a window into your soul and a manifestation of the profound beauty that emancipates you.

Miami Blue by Unicornsbeauty isn’t just for ephemeral times. These lenses are more than simply jewelry; they are made to be comfortable and long-lasting. They are devoted friends with whom you will laugh, have happy times, and tell tales that will help shape your own life story.

For dark, natural skin tones, keep in mind that Unicornsbeauty’s Miami Blue is not your only choice. It’s an emotional commitment to the complex narrative that is there before you. Allow these lenses to be the brushstrokes that highlight the feelings, narratives, and distinct beauty that define who you are. Choosing Miami Blue extends beyond choosing lenses. It’s about working a spell that makes every expression on your face become an expression of your actual self.

Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color: Rome Times Blue contacts

Weixin Image_20230721211228.jpg Weixin Image_20230815074559.jpg

The captivating interplay between your hair and eyes is quite captivating. It’s like a symphony of colors painting your distinct beauty on canvas. Your golden tresses of hair mix seamlessly with the dreamy blue lenses of the Rome Times. Enter UnicornsBeauty, the land that waits for you. It goes beyond simply tinting your eyes. It’s about arranging poetry in visual form to fit your soul.

Picture yourself with a radiant halo surrounding your face as the sun shines on your blonde hair. Imagine how the azure brilliance of the Roman Times’ blue lenses would softly mix into this golden tapestry. It’s more than just a shift. A combination of colors that will make you look even more beautiful.

Black Hair Color: Crush Blue Contacts

Weixin Image_20230714191854.jpgWeixin Image_20230714191901.jpg

Embrace your feelings as you participate in this captivating color dance. Savor the enchantment that comes from pairing Crush Blue lenses with black hair. This is not merely a snap choice. It’s a deep stare you offer the world, a celebration of your uniqueness, and an emotional resonance.

So take a visual tour of her unicorn-like loveliness, where captivating crushed blue lenses meet black hair. Allow your eyes to be drawn to a live work of art that is an expressive statement of beauty beyond the common. Your eyes become storytellers in the magical world of Unicornsbeauty, and your Crush Blue lenses become poetic brushstrokes that heighten the allure of your appeal.

Rome Times Blue

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $28.99.

Miami Blue

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $18.99.

Crush Blue

Original price was: $33.96.Current price is: $9.99.

Waldosia Bluebell

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $18.99.

Brown Hair Color: Allure Love Topazio Blue Contacts

5b6d69c274d1f1817c633c542d044214_1080x1.jpgallure love topazio.jpg

See the beautiful combination of the chocolate tones of brown hair and the Allure Love Topazio Blue lenses. It’s more than just a change. With each thread transformed into an azure-kissed brushstroke, the colors create a symphony that harmonizes with the earthy shine of your curls, creating a stunning portrait.

Join Unicornsbeauty on this visual journey as she combines her Allure Love Topazio Blue lenses with the allure of brown hair. Allow your eyes to become a living, breathing work of art that expresses a beauty that goes beyond the ordinary. Your eyes are the storytellers in the enchanted realm of Unicornsbeauty, and Allure Love Topazio Blue lenses are the enchanted touches that amplify the poetry of your distinct appeal.

Natural Eye Color

Dark Eye Colors: New York III Blue

new york, b&a.png

New York III Blue lenses are a discovery, a hint of the remarkable, for people who enjoy the warmth of brown eyes or the elegance of black ebony. Envision the striking contrast and interaction between the captivating azure blue of this lens and the inky depth of your genuine eye color. It’s more than just a shift. It’s a transformation that will open a brand-new chapter in your artistic narrative.

Therefore, why should you select UnicornsBeauty’s New York III Blue if you have brown or black eyes? Since color isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s all about the soul connection and emotional resonance between your inherent richness and the alluring blues these lenses deliver. It’s a call to investigate the remarkable in the commonplace and to use your eyes as a creative way to convey the feelings in your heart. Your eyes see more in the realm of UnicornsBeauty than just what is visible. The New York III Blue Lenses become a vehicle for expressing your feelings, and they are visible.


Light Eye Colors: Neon Blue

Discover the beautiful world of unicorns. Your distinct gaze can be accentuated and embraced by neon blue lenses. This isn’t just a simple color switch. It is an emotional injection that sets off a rainbow of feelings. Witness the enchantment that results from combining the magic of neon blue metamorphosis with your radiant eyes. It’s not an easy choice to make. It’s an intense joy and an acknowledgment that your special beauty is accentuated and has the power to charm others.

These lenses pay tribute to uniqueness within your visual kaleidoscope. In the captivating realm of Unicornsbeauty, your glistening eyes represent more than simply an aesthetic appeal. Your emotions can be channeled through the tactile, blue lenses to create incredible masterpieces.

New York III Blue

Original price was: $46.99.Current price is: $26.99.

Neon Blue

Original price was: $48.99.Current price is: $28.99.


Why Should I Choose Unicornsbeauty’s Blue Contact Lenses Over Others?

Embark on a journey where your eyes become storytellers, weaving tales of emotion and self-discovery. Unicornsbeauty’s lenses transcend mere aesthetics; they’re portals to a realm where your gaze becomes an artistic masterpiece.

Can Blue Eye Makeup Really Transform My Look?

Absolutely! Participate in the movement of self-expression with Unicornsbeauty. Blue eye makeup transcends a mere change in color; it’s about letting your gaze evolve into a beautiful masterpiece, expressing emotions with each blink. Unicornsbeauty is your steadfast companion in this transformative journey.

How Do I Choose the Right Blue Contacts Based on My Natural Attributes?

Let your skin tone and hair color harmonize with the symphony of Unicornsbeauty lenses. From Unspoken Elegance for bright skin tones to Earthlight’s Cosmic Illumination for darker tones, each lens becomes an ode to your individuality, resonating with the spirit of the occasion.

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