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Everything You Need to Know About Limbal Rings Contact Lenses

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Ever been mesmerized by certain individuals’ entrancing eyes? You might have stumbled upon the alluring world of “limbal rings contact lenses.” They are the latest style wave sweeping the fashion and aesthetics landscape, presenting an innovative solution to magnify the innate elegance of the eyes. This piece will offer an exhaustive exploration of everything about Limbal Rings Contact Lenses. We’ll uncover the mysteries of what limbal rings truly are, their importance, and delve into the diverse array of lenses on offer, arming you with the knowledge to fully appreciate these hypnotic eye embellishments. So, brace yourself to unlock the secrets behind those enthralling gazes!

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Table of Contents:

  • What are Limbal Rings?

  • Transparent Limbal Rings Lenses

  • Colored Limbal Rings Lenses

  • Eye Makeup Pairings with Limbal Rings Lenses

What Are Limbal Rings?

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Limbal rings are the dark circles that encircle the outer edge of the iris, the colored part of the eye. They are more prominent and defined in some individuals compared to others. Limbal rings can vary in color, ranging from a deep, dark hue to a lighter shade, depending on an individual’s genetics and overall eye pigmentation.

The aesthetic appeal of your eyes can be significantly heightened by limbal rings. These dark circles strike a dramatic difference between your iris and white sclera, crafting a more vibrant and enchanting gaze.

Contrasting standard vision-correcting contact lenses, limbal rings contact lenses cater primarily to cosmetic desires. They are skillfully designed to intensify your eyes’ natural beauty by embellishing the limbal rings or forging the illusion of big eye, more striking limbal rings. These colored lenses are a well-loved option for those endeavoring to inject more depth and charm into their eyes.

Transparent Limbal Rings Lenses:

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Refined limbal ring lenses, or ‘enhancer lenses’ as they’re also known, are the perfect accessories for those seeking a gentle boost to their natural limbal rings. These lenses showcase a soft, dark outer circle that finely contours the limbal region without radically changing the color or look of the eye. The clear design lets the true eye color gleam brighter while providing a hint of depth and distinctiveness to the eyes. They are a hot pick for individuals blessed with naturally striking limbal rings looking to achieve a more sophisticated and alluring appearance. Refined limbal ring lenses, or ‘enhancer lenses’ as they’re also known, are the perfect accessories for those seeking a gentle boost to their natural limbal rings. These lenses showcase a soft, dark outer circle that finely contours the limbal region without radically changing the color or look of the eye. The clear design lets the true eye color gleam brightly while providing a hint of depth and distinctiveness to the eyes. They are a hot pick for individuals blessed with naturally striking limbal rings looking to achieve a more sophisticated and alluring appearance. These are our several collections:

Unicornsbeauty Unspoken Collection

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Unicornsbeauty takes colored contact lenses to a new level with their exquisite and unspoken collection of limbal ring lenses. These lenses aim to captivate and enchant, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who gazes into your eyes. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Unicornsbeauty offers a range of colors and styles to suit every individual’s taste and personality.
The transparent limbal ring lenses in their collection delicately enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, adding depth and allure without overpowering your eye color. They provide a subtle yet striking enhancement, making your eyes outstanding and more attractive.
To make your outlook be dynamic, Unicornsbeauty’s vibrant limbal ring contacts are a must-discover. Offering a rainbow of striking hues, from brilliant blue to mesmerizing green, and even magical purple, these lenses morph your eyes into alluring gems that garner all the attention. Unicornsbeauty’s dedication to excellence guarantees that these vibrant contact lenses are not only breathtaking but also delightfully comfortable to adorn. Explore the silent repertoire of limbal ring lenses and unlock your hidden enchantment, cherishing the allure held within your stare.

Unicornsbeauty Pandora Collection

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Drawing on the enchantment of fantasy realms, the Pandora series is fashioned to transform your gaze into a portal of wonder and daydreams. Traverse through an explosion of hues within the Pandora range, spanning from ghostly silvery greys mirroring the lunar luminescence to the dark and mystifying amethyst purples that ignite the cosmic unknowns. Each piece of lens is meticulously designed to whisk you away to a world of spellbinding allure.
The Pandora collection’s limbal rings are thoughtfully designed to add depth and dimension to your eyes, creating an otherworldly gaze that captivates all who behold it. Whether you’re seeking an everyday touch of magic or an extraordinary transformation, these lenses have the power to transport you to realms unknown.
UnicornsBeauty ensures the highest quality and comfort with the Pandora collection, so you can step into a world of fantasy with confidence. With these colored contact lenses, let your eyes become a portal to a realm of dreams and let your imagination run wild.

Unicornsbeauty Sun Iris Collection

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Unicornsbeauty presents the Sun Iris collection, an extraordinary line of colored contact lenses with mesmerizing limbal rings that will illuminate your eyes like never before. This exquisite collection is designed to bring out the warmth and radiance of the sun, making your eyes shine with an irresistible allure. The Sun Iris collection offers a diverse range of colors inspired by the stunning hues of a summer sunrise. From the gentle amber of a golden morning to the vibrant orange and pink of a blossoming dawn, these lenses are a true testament to the beauty of nature.

The Sun Iris assembly exclusively showcases lenses detailed with complex limbal rings that enrich your eyes with volume and clarity, thereby giving them a larger and more beguiling allure. Merging intense hues with delicate limbal rings gives rise to a spellbinding charm, making your eyes the centerpiece of your overall appearance. Unicornsbeauty prioritizes not just the enticing visual appeal of these colored contact lenses but also their all-day comfort. By choosing the Sun Iris collection, you’re able to embody the elegance of the daybreak, allowing your eyes to glitter like the emergence of a brand new day.

Unicornsbeauty Crush Collection


The Crush collections, a captivating line of colored contact lenses with alluring limbal rings that will make hearts skip a beat. This exquisite collection is designed to add a touch of romance and allure to your gaze, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who looks into your eyes. The Crush collection offers a stunning array of colors that evoke the emotions of a passionate love affair. From deep and mysterious burgundy to dreamy and enchanting violet, these lenses are sure to ignite a spark in your eyes.

The Crush collection artfully designs limbal rings to amplify the innate allure of your eyes, forging an enchanting and bewitching appeal. The fusion of vibrant hues with these refined limbal rings guarantees that your eyes will shine with an inescapable charisma.

At Unicornsbeauty, your comfort and quality are our foremost concerns, hence we ensure that these tinted contact lenses provide a secure and enjoyable experience. With the Crush collection, you get to ooze the irresistible charm of romance and let your eyes eloquently express all while saying nothing at all.

Unicornsbeauty Monica Collection

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The dazzling array of tinted contact lenses adorned with hypnotic limbal rings radiates class and distinction. Taking a cue from ageless allure, the Monica Collection strives to heighten the beauty of your eyes and propel your style to unparalleled dimensions.

The Monica Collection provides an extensive palette of elegant and distinguished colors, fitting for any event. From the profound emerald greens invoking an aura of intrigue to the bewitching sapphire blues reflecting the fathomless ocean, each lens in the compilation is its own masterpiece. The attentively constructed limbal rings within the Monica Collection deliver new dimension and sharpness to your eyes, rendering a fascinating and enticing look. Whether your preference is for minor augmentation or for striking metamorphosis; the Monica Collection has an option for everyone.

Unicornsbeauty promises that these tinted contact lenses are not only a sight for sore eyes but are also snug and secure. Through the Monica range, you get to encapsulate the quintessence of everlasting allure and make your eyes the dazzling centerpiece of sophistication and refinement wherever you go.

Crush on You Brown

Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $12.99.

Crush Blue

Original price was: $33.96.Current price is: $9.99.

Crush Green

Original price was: $26.99.Current price is: $9.99.

Crush Purple

Original price was: $33.96.Current price is: $12.99.

Colored Limbal Rings Lenses:

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Colored limbal rings lenses offer a bolder and more dramatic effect.Sporting a plethora of hues and tints, these lenses let you try out varied styles and dramatically alter how your eyes look. The fascinating blend of limbal ring enhancement and intense coloration renders these colored limbal ring lenses as spellbinding eye-catchers. They’ve become a hot favorite at exclusive gatherings, sartorial shows, costume play, and stage acts. Whether you’re gunning for an understated modification or a striking makeover, these vibrant limbal ring lenses are an exhilarating method to show off your individual flair and character.

Unicornsbeauty Aegean Sea II Collection

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Unicornsbeauty presents the mesmerizing Aegean Sea II collection, a breathtaking line of colored contact lenses adorned with captivating limbal rings that will immerse you in the depths of oceanic beauty. Inspired by the enchanting waters of the Aegean Sea, this collection evokes emotions of serenity, wonder, and an indescribable sense of awe.

The Aegean Sea II collection parades intricate limbal rings, bestowing your eyes with profundity and charm, radiating an intense gaze reminiscent of the sea’s captivating mysteries and secrets. Each look you cast will provoke wonder and curiosity, enticing others into the magical allure that your eyes hold.

At Unicornsbeauty, we ensure the Aegean Sea II collection provides paramount comfort and quality so you can wear the beauty of the sea with complete confidence. With these uniquely hued contact lenses, allow your eyes to be a gateway to the mesmerizing world that is the Aegean Sea, where emotions manifest freely just like the flowing waters.

Unicornsbeauty Honey Pot Collection

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Unicornsbeauty is thrilled to present the Honey Pot collection, a spellbinding array of tinted contact lenses, adorned with compelling coloured limbal rings to add a dash of sweetness to your stare. This collection, drenched in the glowing tones of honey, is crafted to infuse warmth and glow in your eyes, creating a memorable effect.

The Honey Pot range ushers in a captivating collage of hues, oscillating from honey-inspired warm amber pigments to golden browns that instantaneously inject depth and allure. These lenses are an ideal match for concocting a beguiling look with an organic touch, blending seamlessly with any fashion statement.

Introducing the Honey Pot collection – meticulously crafted colored limbal rings aimed to amplify the charm of your eyes, giving them a more pronounced and lively appeal. The blend of vivid hues and understated limbal rings fuse together to craft an irresistible and captivating allure that compels admiration. At Unicornsbeauty, we place emphasis on comfort and excellence, affirming the safety and coziness of these colored contact lenses for all-day wear. Experience the Honey Pot collection and transform your eyes into a beacon of allure and sweetness, bewitching every onlooker with your gaze.

Unicornsbeauty Boss Girl Collection

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With great exuberance, UnicornsBeauty unveils the Boss Girl collection, a potent and commanding assortment of tinted contact lenses, marked by daringly vivid limbal rings. Tailored for the audacious and zealous souls, this collection is about casting off restraints and radiating power and control with each look.

The Boss Girl assortment presents an array of captivating hues, from daring blues that steal the limelight to a deep, confident green representing determination. These lensed spectacles are the ultimate choice for the ones longing to stand apart and leave a lasting imprint.

With the Boss Girl range, the vibrantly-hued limbal rings are intentionally designed to endow your gaze with depth and vigor, resulting in a powerful and mesmerising look deserving of reverence. They make the ideal embellishment for those undaunted individuals who stand at the helm of life, proving their mettle to the world. The Boss Girl suite allows your eyes to mirror the unyielding spirit and self-assurance dwelling within you, thereby making you the captain of your own life’s voyage.

Unicornsbeauty Pearl Collection

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Unicornsbeauty unveils the ethereal Pearl collection, an enchanting line of colored contact lenses adorned with mesmerizing colored limbal rings that will transport you to a world of pure elegance and grace. This collection is a celebration of the delicate beauty of pearls, evoking emotions of serenity, purity, and sophistication. Step into a realm of enchantment with the Pearl collection, where each lens is crafted to reflect the iridescent glow of precious pearls. The gentle hues of ivory, soft greys, and shimmering blues create a dreamy and angelic look that will leave you feeling like a celestial being.

Unicornsbeauty guarantees absolute comfort and high quality with the Pearl collection, permitting you to embody the timeless enchantment of pearls unabashedly. Let your eyes transform into an enchanting spectacle, reflecting the remarkable beauty that dwells within you. Relish in the magic that the Pearl collection evokes and allow your emotions to ascend to the heights of utmost sophistication and astonishment.

Unicornsbeauty Kingira Collection

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Unicornsbeauty presents the majestic Kingira collection, a breathtaking line of colored contact lenses adorned with captivating colored limbal rings that will make you feel like royalty. Inspired by the grandeur of kings and queens, this collection embodies strength, elegance, and regal charm. Experience a world of opulence with the Kingira collection, where each lens is designed to evoke emotions of power and grace. The rich and luxurious colors, from deep royal blues to enchanting greys, create a striking and commanding look fit for a king or queen.

The colored limbal rings in the Kingira collection add an air of authority and presence to your eyes, making them a mesmerizing focal point that demands attention. With a gaze that exudes confidence and poise, you’ll feel like the ruler of your own destiny.

Unicornsbeauty ensures the highest level of comfort and quality with the Kingira collection, so you can embrace your inner monarch with confidence. With these colored contact lenses, let your eyes become a symbol of regal elegance and majesty, making you feel like the true king or queen that you are. Step into the world of Kingira and let your emotions be elevated to the realm of grandeur and nobility.

Eye Makeup Pairings with Limbal Rings Lenses:

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Natural Beauty

  • Gracefully merge a soft brown shade into the crease to bestow dimension to your peepers.
  • Pair with Unicornsbeauty’s Transparent Limbal Rings Lenses for a subtle and natural enhancement.

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Smoky Sultry

  • Brush on a flat black or rich coal eyeshadow to the exterior angle and fold of your eyes.
  • Lace your profound eyeshadow shade with a tone of transition so the edges soften and foster a gradual blend effortlessly.
  • Make use of onyx eyeliner for a stunning definition on both top and bottom eyelashes, and smudge it a little bit to get that mysterious smoky eye.
  • Pair with Unicornsbeauty’s Colored Limbal Rings Lenses in a deep and alluring shade for added drama.

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Golden Goddess

  • Highlight your inner corners and brow bone with an effervescent champagne or pale gold eyeshadow.
  • Also, a stroke or two of a lengthening mascara would make those lashes of yours effortlessly flutter.
  • Pair with UnicornsBeauty’s Colored Limbal Rings Lenses in a golden hue to complement the warm tones.

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Pretty in Purple

  • Give depth to your eyes by blending a somewhat richer hue of purple into the crease.
  • Illuminate those twinkling eyes with the glow of an iridescent lavender eye shadow, dabbed gently in the inner corners.
  • Match with Unicornsbeauty’s Colored Limbal Rings Lenses in charming hues of purple or pink to accentuate the enchanting aura.

Classic Cat Eye

  • Forge a daring winged liner look employing a black or deep brown liquid or gel eyeliner.
  • Complement your eye glam with Transparent Limbal Rings Lenses from Unicornsbeauty for a polished elegance that never goes out of style.

Bold and Blue

  • Employ a more profound navy or cobalt hue on the outer nooks and fold for an illusion of depth.
  • Highlight the inner corners with a shimmering dusting of icy blue or metallic silver eyeshadow
  • Etch your upper lash fringe with a twilight black or intense navy liner for amplified boldness.
  • Match the look with Unicornsbeauty’s Hued Limbal Rings Lenses, in an entrancing sapphire tone for an audacious yet captivating union.

Remember to always have fun and experiment with different eye makeup pairings to find the ones that best complement your unicornsbeauty limbal rings lenses and make your eyes shine with mesmerizing allure.


The collection of limbal rings lenses from Unicornsbeauty unveils a captivating spectrum of color contacts, taking eye attractiveness to unimaginable peaks. Ranging from the divinely delicate Pearl repertoire to the imposing Kingira series, each lens is crafted with purpose to stir emotions and bewitch onlookers with a captivating gaze. Detailed with colored limbal rings, these lenses enhance depth and charm, positioning the eyes as a centerpiece of sophistication and refinement. By choosing to wear these lenses, one can uncover their internal magic, being whisked away to awe-inspiring beauty realms. With Unicornsbeauty’s unwavering dedication to excellence, these lenses promise comfort and assurance, leaving your eyes glowing with unmatched brilliance and magnetism.

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