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Different Iris Color in the World

Iris Color

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Some people who have purchased contacts will ask the question Why does this Fireworks Brown look so good in the model’s eyes, but it looks completely different in my eyes? 

Iris Color

The answer is that the client’s eye color does not match the model’s. Because the Iris color of the model is light, paired with soft makeup, the Fireworks Brown contact lens can enhance the eyes very well, but the client’s eye color is very dark, so it could not achieve the expected effect.

Iris Color

Exactly what color are your eyes? Hazel? Blue-gray-green? Blue with brown spots? Green? People always say children’s eye color comes from their parents, but the genetics of eye color is very complicated. Today Unicornsbeauty is going to talk about the different colors of our Iris.

Iris Color

The amount of melanin could affect the Iris color. Iris decides the color of the eyes. The higher the amount of melanin, the darker the Iris color. Therefore, there are various Irish colors in the world.

The most common Iris color in the world

The most common eye colors in the world are brown and blue, and many Africans and Asians have brown eyes.

Population demographics from various regions provide valuable insights into the distribution of eye colors. Demographic data collected through national censuses or surveys indicate that a significant portion of individuals from African and Asian populations have brown eyes. 

Due to a lack of melanin deposits in the Iris and the scattering of light by the Iris, it causes blue eyes. There are about 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes, mainly in Europe, especially in the Nordic regions such as Iceland and contact lenses-28

Other kinds of Iris colors:

Dark eyes:

People with dark eyes due to an excess of melanin are less common in everyday life. Costa Ricans’s eyes are closer to black, but not pure black. Black eyes can look a bit like the color of the night, and you have to look at the eyes in bright light to find the position of the pupil in the Iris.

Amber eyes: 

Amber platinum color can be seen commonly in the eyes of cats and dogs, but in the population is rare, and only exists in less than 5% of the world’s population. Main gathered in South America. In some countries of South Asia, they are distributed among ethnic minorities.

Iris ColorGreen eyes: 

Melanin content is higher than blue eyes, and it also contains a certain amount of brown melanin. Green eyes range in color from lime green and olive to pale grass green. People with green eyes are found mostly in northern and central Europe, but also in some parts of western Asia.

atlantic grey colored contact lensesGray eyes:

There is very little melanin in the Iris, which gives it a gray effect when exposed to reflected natural light. Gray eyes are second only to green in rarity and are most common in Eastern European countries. It is a special eye color.

Red and Pink eyes:

Two main conditions can cause red or light peach-colored Iris eyes, Albinism, and blood infiltration. The red or pink eyes are since there is only a small amount or even a complete lack of melanin in the eye, in fact, what you see are blood vessels in red eyes so you think his eye color is red.

red contacts

Violet eyes:

It is also one of the rare eye colors that can also be described as purple and is most commonly seen in the eyes of people with albinism. The beautiful purple eyes appear because of the lack of pigment that mixes with the red color of the light reflected from the blood vessels in the retina. Violet is one of a elegant and precious colors in the world.

Iris Color

Heterochromatic eyes:

As a matter of fact, heterochromatic eyes are extremely rare because the two eyes are not the same color, for instance, the left eye is brown while the right eye is green. Or there is a spot on the Iris that is completely different from the rest of the Iris because of the difference in pigmentation. That’s why people with heterochromatic pupils wear dark contact lenses to make their eye color look normal or cover their original color.

There are other eye colors in the world, but whatever color they are, they are precious and we must all cherish, respect, and love them.

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