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The Best Colored Contact Lenses For Your Eye Shape

Eye Shape

Colored contact lenses have become a popular, versatile accessory that can enhance one's image and show off one's style. Whether you want to subtly enhance your natural eye color or completely transform your look, there's a colored contact lens for every desire. However, choosing the right colored contacts for your eye shape is crucial to achieve a harmonious and striking effect. While we love all our colored contact lenses - we’ll admit that we do have our own biases when it comes to designs. Depending on the shape of your eyes, certain colors and styles will look better than others. That's why we're here to explain it to you. In this article, we will explore the best color contact lenses for different eye types to help you make the perfect choice. So read on to find out how to boost your image and add some glamour to your everyday life.

 There are six primary eye shapes to consider: round, almond, monolid, hooded, upturned and downturned. Every eye shape has unique characteristics and requires a personalized approach when choosing the right colored contact lenses.

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Round Eyes

Round eyes, with their symmetrical circular shape of equal width and height, exude a charming and youthful vibe that complements any face. If you're searching for ways to enhance your eyes, colored contact lenses provide a wonderful opportunity to experiment with your appearance. There are several options you can explore, each offering its own distinctive effect.

There are a couple of routes you can take if you have round eyes: if your goal is to elongate your eye shape, cool-toned colors like blue, grey, and green can help create a more defined and feline look. But if you want to play up your eyes'naturally adorable shape, colored contact lenses with a unique pattern or design, like a starburst or spiral, will give you a fun and whimsical look.

For round eyes, it is recommended to choose colored contact lenses that will help elongate and define the eye shape. It is important to avoid colors that are too bright or bold as they can make the eye appear even rounder. Therefore, the lenses with obvious limbal rings are not a very wise choice.

The world of fashion and beauty is constantly evolving, attracting individuals in search of a unique and expressive style. This style is free-spirited, eclectic and artistic. And now, you can elevate your appearance with the Unicornsbeauty series of color contacts.

Let's explore the captivating green colored contacts from the Unicornsbeauty Allure Love Topazio. These lenses do more than simply enhance your vision; they invite you to breathe new life into your everyday look. With a dark green base as the captivating canvas, you'll discover an array of muted hazel tones that create a bedazzled yet natural effect. It's an ideal option for individuals who desire to differentiate themselves while preserving a genuine and authentic essence.

Eye Shape

Atlantic Grey: Experience the exquisite beauty of having captivating grey eyes with these remarkable contacts. Transform your look instantly and be showered with compliments throughout the day. Embrace the sensation of being a walking work of art wherever you go. Emulate the allure of a movie star with these chic purple contacts. No longer limited to actors, you can now effortlessly steal the spotlight with these non-prescription colored lenses. Show off your charming personality and become the center of attention, staying on-trend with this season's must-have grey contacts.

Eye Shape

Almond Eyes

The almond eye is widely considered one of the most versatile eye shapes and is often described as possessing a timeless and natural beauty. The almond shape is distinguished by a gentle outward point near the outer corner and a slightly wider inner corner, creating a harmonious and symmetrical appearance. This inherent symmetry makes it ideal for using natural style colored contact lenses.

Furthermore, almond eyes possess a natural symmetry that can be accentuated through the use of colored contact lenses. By selecting hues that emphasize the contrast between the iris and the surrounding whites of the eye, the inherent almond shape can be enhanced and defined. This results in a vibrant and awakened look that appears effortlessly natural.

When it comes to natural-style colored contact lenses, the objective is to enhance the eye's innate beauty without appearing overly dramatic or artificial. It is crucial to choose colors that seamlessly complement one's natural skin tone and eye color. Almond eyes enjoy the advantage of accommodating a wide array of colors.

These contacts subtly enhance your natural allure rather than dramatically altering your pupil color. Referencing the pictures worn by our influencers in this collection will help guide your selection.

Almond eyes, being among the most versatile eye shapes, are capable of effortlessly pulling off a diverse range of colored contact lenses. If you are fortunate enough to possess this eye shape, consider yourself privileged! You have the utmost freedom to experiment with various colors and designs.

For those seeking a bold and striking appearance, consider colored contacts with a darker limbal ring or eye-catching floral pattern. On the other hand, if you desire a more understated and natural look, opt for colored contact lenses featuring a soft gradient or blend of colors. Tri-toned lenses can be particularly flattering as they enhance the natural color of your eyes and draw attention to your exquisite eye shape.

Let your eyes blossom in Pandora Brown colored contact lenses! You'll love wearing these Pandora Brown colored contact lenses whenever you want to look your prettiest. We highly recommend wearing these circle lenses with winged eyeliner, false eyelashes and shimmery eyeshadow to balance out their size. They are embedded with a warm, caramel tone that lightens regular brown eyes, without compromising on naturalness. So if you're looking to give your eyes a youthful vibe, try these brown contact lenses today!

Eye Shape

Find charming blends that are vibrant, yet natural colors that can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. The dark limbal ring adds definition and completes your look effortlessly. With a smaller graphic diameter, these lenses are versatile for both day and night wear, while the carefully crafted color choices are destined to leave a lasting impression on those you encounter.

Waldosia Cinnamon, an exquisite 3-tone brown guarantees to elevate your style. These lenses are known for their comfortable fit and high water content, making them one of the most comfortable options available on the market. Embrace your unique charms and indulge in the captivating allure of Waldoisa Cinnamon today!

Eye Shape

Monolid Eyes

Monolids, also known as single eyelids, possess a distinct eye shape lacking the conventional crease or fold. Enhance the allure of monolids by opting for warm tones like brown and honey. These hues harmonize with your natural eye color, yielding understated yet noticeable enhancement. You can try creating designs with depth and dimension by incorporating darker edge rings, which will give them a subtle and natural look.

For a bolder, more glamorous look, consider using colored contact lenses that offer a larger diameter. The lenses can make your eyes appear bigger and create a chiseled illusion, adding extra charm. Exercise caution, though, to avoid an exaggerated, cartoonish effect.

Monolid eyes possess a charming feature: the absence of a crease, which typically makes them appear smaller. To achieve the impression of larger, more defined eyes, select colored contact lenses with brighter hues. Vibrant shades like blue or purple can work wonders to make your eyes look more prominent and attractive.

Try violet or blue colored contact lenses for a captivating, dramatic effect on monolid eyes. By selecting the color brighter and more vibrant lenses, you can build an eye bigger and more energetic illusion. Purple and blue shades can accomplish this by imparting a bright, bold look that accentuates your eyes. These colors add vibrancy and shine, giving your single eyelashes a striking and dramatic appeal and enhancing their natural beauty.Are you ready to make a bold and captivating statement with your eyes? Look no further than our enchanting Crush Purple contact lenses. These lenses aren't just accessories; they're a fashion statement that has the power to completely transform your look.

Our purple contact lenses boast a remarkable natural-looking design that perfectly complements your unique style. We understand the importance of authenticity, which is why our lenses are meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend with your natural eye color, resulting in an enchanting and lifelike effect. Whether you want to achieve a sultry, smoky look or add a pop of color to your eyes, the dazzling purple contact lenses is the wonderful choice for you.

These products are crafted using premium materials that ensure exceptional comfort, even during long periods of use. You can enjoy your day or night out without worrying about discomfort or irritation. Purple contact lenses are very versatile.They can be worn with a variety of makeup looks, from dramatic smokey eyes to soft, romantic looks.Whether you are going to attend a special event, or go out to play with friends, or just want to add a little magic to your everyday look, these lenses are perfect choice.

There's something undeniably empowering about wearing purple contact lenses. They can boost your confidence and make you feel wherever that star of the show.When your eyes glint with an attractive purple glow, you turn heads and leave a lasting impression.In a world that celebrates self-expression, purple contacts offer a unique and compelling way to show off your style.Whether you're looking to embrace a new character or just want to enhance your natural beauty, these lenses are the perfect accessory.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your look with our enchanting purple contact lenses.  Whether you have been wearing contact lenses for a while or are giving them a try for the first time, our lenses are crafted to offer comfort, style, and a hint of enchantment. Experience them today and unveil a whole new level of beauty and self-expression. Your eyes deserve to shine with the allure of enchanting purple.

Eye Shape

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are characterized by a heavy fold of skin that hangs over the crease, giving the illusion of smaller eyes. If you have this eye shape, you might sometimes feel like your eyes are hidden behind your 'hood', making it challenging to showcase your natural beauty. But don't worry, colored contact lenses can help draw attention to your eyes and accentuate your features.

When selecting colored contacts for hooded eyes, opt for designs that elongate the eyes and create the illusion of a more open eye area. Colored contact lenses with a prominent limbal ring can provide definition and enhance the overall appearance.

Jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue can work wonders for hooded eyes, adding brightness and dimension to your gaze while diverting attention from the prominent fold on your eyelid. Additionally, lighter colors such as hazel or light blue can make your eyes appear bigger and more open.

To create the illusion of larger eyes, consider choosing colored contact lenses in lighter shades. This will make your eyes appear brighter and more open. For a natural and subtle look that enhances the eye's natural beauty, go for green or light brown lenses. These colors can also create a stunning contrast against darker skin tones, making your eyes appear more vibrant and awake.

Sin Blue: The unique three-tone colored contact lens seamlessly incorporates crystal blue and lime green, producing an alluring contrast. Dark specks create an illusion of depth, resulting in a wider appearance of the eye. These toric lenses, specially designed for astigmatism, are customized based on your personal eye measurements. Not only will you have a standout eye color, but also a remarkably comfortable fit. Even those with dark eyes can take advantage of these captivating bright, baby blues!

Eye Shape

Upturned Eyes

If you have upturned eyes, you'll notice a charming upward tilt at the outer corners, giving them a unique and playful look. When choosing colored contact lenses for upturned eyes, the goal is to enhance your natural shape and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

For a bolder and more captivating look, you can consider opting for darker colored contacts. Dark brown or black contacts create a striking contrast with the whites of your eyes, highlighting the definition and allure of your upturned eyes. These darker hues also contribute to the creation of depth and dimension, resulting in a visually stunning and dramatic effect. To make your eyes pop and emphasize their upward tilt, you can also experiment with brighter colors like turquoise or violet.

Another great option for upturned eyes is colored contact lenses with a gradient design. The lenses have a lighter color in the center that gradually darkens towards the outer edges. This creates a soft and natural-looking effect, helping to balance the appearance of your upturned eyes and giving them a more subtle and realistic look.

The slight lift at the outer corner of upturned eyes adds a playful and flirtatious touch. To enhance this natural lift and create a more dramatic effect, dark brown or black colored contact lenses are an excellent choice. These colors create a striking and bold contrast against the whites of your eyes, resulting in a more defined and intense look for your eyes.

The Honey Pot Brown contact lenses create a captivating look with eyes as sweet as honey. Experience the mesmerizing beauty of our unique split-tone pattern, giving your eyes a stunning gradient effect. The dark limbal ring elegantly encircles your irises, creating a beautiful halo that keeps your eyes looking naturally grounded. Our chic blend of dark and light elements presents a multidimensional brown hue, transitioning from a captivating taupe to a mesmerizing amber ombre. These lenses strike the perfect balance between sheer and opaque, enhancing the natural colors of your eyes. Elevate your look and make your eyes stand out with just the right amount of captivating color.

Eye Shape

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes, as the name suggests, tilt downwards at the outer corners, giving individuals with this eye shape a touch of natural elegance and sophistication. However, some may feel that their eyes appear smaller or more closed off than desired. Luckily, colored contact lenses can be an excellent option for enhancing this eye shape and accentuating its unique features.

When selecting colored contacts for downturned eyes, it is recommended to choose a design that helps lift the eyes and creates the illusion of a more open eye area. Vibrant shades or designs with a distinct limbal ring can provide definition and draw attention to your eye color. Warm tones like honey and golden browns can also be particularly flattering for downturned eyes. These shades bring warmth and brightness to the eyes, making them appear more open and awake.

One notable characteristic of downturned eyes is a slight droop at the outer corners, which can contribute to a tired or sad appearance. To counteract this effect and achieve a brighter and more awake look, violet or blue colored contact lenses can be an excellent choice. These colors create a contrast against the whites of the eyes and enhance the natural shape of the eyes. Additionally, the bold and vibrant colors draw attention upwards, creating a lifting effect that counteracts the natural downward tilt of the outer corners.

Enhance the beauty of your naturally dark eyes with Dream 2-Tone Pink colored contact lenses. These incredible lenses offer a single, deeply pigmented color for a stunning eye color transformation that still maintains a natural appearance. Unleash a fresh new eye look without worrying about resembling a costume party attendee! These colored contact lenses have a high-water content, ensuring exceptional comfort throughout the day. Embrace the confidence to conquer your work or playtime, effortlessly shutting down anyone who dares to challenge you!

Eye Shape

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